Eden — Twenty One Months

Here’s the deal, Eden is alright. I am not a kid person. Kids put me on edge. For me and a kid to click, we have to get past the whole “kid” thing….

Well, in spending hour upon hour with Eden, I have come to the conclusion that she is alright. She’s sweet, funny, feisty, mischievous, gregarious, quiet, studious, thoughtful, curious, serious, introspective, at times fiercely independent and others sweetly dependent, and utterly adorable.

At twenty one months, Eden:

  • wants to do things WITHOUT my help. I am “not allowed” to color with her, help her up or down stairs, nor even stand too close to the slide. My good friend Mindy encouraged me to get her to AT LEAST use some manners in all her “No-No’s”…we’re still working on “no please” and “no thank you”.
  • sticks her tongue out of the side of her mouth when she is pleased with herself…and thinks no one is watching.
  • says her name. Love this. She pronounces her name, “Eeeeedeeeee.”
  • announces when each of us is finished with our meal. (She has to wait until everyone is finished before she leaves the table.) So she combines words and signs to make the following declarative sentences: “Mommy” finished, “Daddy” finished,” Eeeeeddeeee” finished.
  • helps carry items to the sink upon being excused from the table. Typically, she carries her fork or spoon and her napkin.
  • she has figured out how to open doors. Yikes. In fact, she walked out the front door without my immediate knowledge…DOUBLE YIKES.
  • likes to play in our bedroom closet. The light works like a refrigerator light…on when the door is open and off when it is shut. She likes for us to pile into the closet and sit on the floor. Then she closes the door. The girl has no fear of the dark, unlike her mother. I’m usually the one who says, “Uh, open the door please!”
  • has discovered the Clark marching band. One evening while playing in the back yard, we heard the band. So, we walked on over the high school. And what to our wondering eyes should appear…a marching band…complete with flags!  Talk about EXCELLENT free entertainment. We make the sojourn frequently.
  • moved up to the toddler room at Sunday school. She brings home crafts now!
  • has a love affair with her new Crocs. I noticed that she loved to try on other kids’ Crocs…the ones that were too big for her. Now, she had a perfectly good pair at home that she rarely wore. Staying one step ahead of her, I bought her a pair that was a size or two toooo big. She loves them. In fact, she slept with them the first day.
  • lets us know when she has a booger. Sooo cute. Along with this awareness has come attempts at picking her nose. Joy.
  • will ask for a Kleenex and will blow her nose. So happy for this advancement!
  • tipped her first musician. (This is a family tradition. We ALWAYS tip musicians.)
  • saw her first swarm of bats. It was amazing. I do not think she was as impressed as her parents.
  • used binoculars for the first time. She did NOT like the way the world looked through the lenses…but she did like wearing the binoculars around her neck.
  • still says “eyes” for glasses and goggles. No matter how many times we correct her, she continues to call our glasses “eyes.”
  • blows on hot things to cool them.
  • is fascinated with TWO…two of everything. She likes TWO.
  • readily signs “read book”. LOVE!
  • notices and announces “sticky” when her hands are…sticky.
  • drinks with a cup…a regular cup!
  • counts to three…even though TWO is her favorite.
  • has begun attending Kids’ Day Out on Tuesdays. The first day, she was the ONLY girl.
  • says “awwwww” when she sees something cute or something that she likes. Then she attempts to hug said thing….
  • loves babies.
  • asks for hugs.
  • tells us “I cry-ing” when she is crying. I LOVE THIS. I love this so much that sometimes I want to make her cry so that she’ll say it.
  • has discovered orange juice. She’s a fan.
  • blew out Phil’s birthday candle.
  • told Phil, “Happy Day” on his birthday.
  • is enjoying Nana’s visit. She especially enjoys wearing Nana’s slippers.
  • uses the word “spicy” to describe anything with a bit of a bite. The following things are “spicy”: salsa, black pepper, Ranch dressing, and soda.
  • has changed the way she says “mommy” and “daddy.” She now sings “Mooooooooooooomy” and “Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaady.”

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