Eden — Twenty Two Months

As of late, we’ve been savoring each moment as if it is our last. Our family is about to change. These are the last days of the three musketeers. We don’t know when our new wee one arrives, so we are embracing each and every moment….

Eden seems to be surging toward two! How did we get here? I don’t know if we just had a full month, or if Eden is just developing by leaps and bounds. Maybe a little of each?

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At twenty-two months, Eden:

  • was bravely tested for TB…so she can be a big sister.
  • attended the Chuck Picciuti Charity golf challenge and rode in a golf cart!
  • has the most beautiful smile. She’s always had a beautiful smile, but it bears repeating. The girl has a great smile.
  • hosted a mommy meetup here. Eden is quite the hostess. She loved showing off her home and toys…the look of pride was just adorable. She seemed so pleased to have friends over to play!
  • has several two and three word sentences: “my house,” “my mommy,” “my daddy,” “thank you, mommy,” “no-no, Two-Two,” “no-no, Bailey,” “need help.”
  • babbles a lot! It probably isn’t babble…I just don’t understand her long stretches of “communication.” I love it when she babbles to herself. Sigh. I love everything this girl does.
  • dips her grilled-cheese sandwich into her tomato soup…just like her mama.
  • saw her first “pink cloud.” I guess she often misses the sunset due to bedtime, so she is not accustomed to the glories of the clouds turning pink and orange and blue. She was quite struck by the idea of clouds being pink.
  • meows when she sees a cat, or someone says cat, or she says cat. She’s got the whole cat/meow connection.
  • thinks it is hilarious for Two-Two to sit on my lap…especially is I let the two of them on my lap (bonus for having a generous lap = room for all!)
  • imitates me calling the dogs = I whistle and clap or whistle and pat my leg. Eden’s “whistle” is so CUTE.
  • visited Phil at work and got to experience a flight simulator! She may have a future in the air force.
  • got to see a real-live jet up close. Eden is a big fan of planes/jets…again with the future in flying.
  • got to see Nana (Nancy T) for TWO WEEKS. Eden completely fell in love with Nana. We still talk about Nana just about every day. Some highlights = Nana’s slippers were a big hit. Nana left her slippers for Eden…and Eden still loves wearing them. Also, Eden did NOT like for Nana to nap. She would go pull Nana by the hand to get her up. Oh, and Eden would insist that Nana “sit” near her. (We’re working on courtesy words…like PLEASE.”
  • pronounces her name “Eeeneee” now rather than “Eeeedeeee.” Eh. Progress?
  • asks for little piggies by saying, “Wee wee wee.” I love that she likes this now. Papa introduced this to her, but I think Nana cinched it. Eden loves doing the little piggies now. Since her Papa is the king of “little piggies,” this will be fun the next time we visit him!
  • had her first “play-in-the-rain” experience. We had a few lovely days with warm weather and rain…so Eden and I hit the streets…splashing in puddles. The gutters were full as the rain streamed toward the drainage ditch. Eden would pull flowers (from the rain lilies) and ohh and ahhh as they floated away. Sigh. Dreamy moment.
  • took off her own jacket. (She’s growing up!)
  • fakes snoring. Soooo, funny. She likes to play night-night. She grabs a pillow and a blankie, picks a cozy spot, curls up, and snores.
  • insists upon a daily trip to visit Lola, our neighbors’ dog. Insists! (Lola also lives with two cats, which are probably a bigger hit…yet it is “Lola” that Eden cries every afternoon.
  • has become keenly aware that bats come out in the evening. We have our own personal swarm that shows up each evening. Eden is a big fan! During the day, she reminds me “bats night” and “birds day.” Sometimes daddy gets thrown in with the bats because he comes home at night = “bats daddy night.”
  • pee-peed in the potty for the very first time…well, in and on and around the potty. We are in NO RUSH to potty train…just keeping it on our radar.
  • knows her colors. I do not know how this happened. So glad she doesn’t wait for me to teach her stuff…she just jumps in and picks it up…somehow!
  • likes to pretend we are eating or drinking from her play plates/cups.
  • gave a bottle to the baby doll in the church nursery. So sweet. I’ve never seen her do that before…probably because she never has. I didn’t even know that she knew HOW to feed a baby with a bottle.
  • said “Yes, sir” to daddy.
  • mistook the term high tide for “hi, tide.” While visiting the coast, she continuously greeted the waves with a hearty “Hi, tide! Hi, tide.”
  • has begun to manipulate her poor mama with the word “Owie.” Everything she does not like is a tearful “Owie,” which grips her mother’s heart…unfortunately. So, when I change her diaper, she cries “Owie.” When I put on her shoes or shirt or skirt or shorts, I get an “owie.” Each time she says it, my heart is pierced…but I bravely push through the pain…I mean, the girl cannot live totally naked all the time, right?
  • is struggling with how to process other people being in pain or upset. If a kid on the playground gets hurt, Eden throws herself down and says, “Owie” and fake cries.
  • is struggling with how to process her own hurt feelings. If she gets upset or frustrated, she bangs her head on the floor. It is heart-breakingly adorable.
  • has become a gentle care-taker. Her Kids Day Out teacher told me that she gently pats kids that are crying and tries to comfort them. So sweet!
  • is super-duper friendly. She greets every person AND every critter we encounter.

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