Today We Were Brave

Brother, is this gonna be a messy year. From birth, Eden has been a cry-puker. Cry = puke. Ick. Well, she has learned to control this natural phenomenon…I witnessed it first-hand today. The girl can puke on command. Of course, it’s her own command and not mine, which is an issue.

Enter, Kids’ Day Out. Eden goes one day a week…been doing it since September. And for September, the experience was grand. Eden loved going…loved seeing her friends…repeated their names incessantly upon coming home. Things changed a month ago. Eden has been going through a clingy stage, and Kids’ Day Out drop-off no esta bueno. Much weeping and gnashing of teeth. Much puking. Much apologizing to all the parents and teachers and kiddos exposed to Eden’s breakfast remains.

And much guilt. So much guilt.

Should I take her out? Was this a mistake? Her misery was so not worth me getting a few hours to recharge!

Always the voice of reason, Phil told me to take a breath. Take some time. Don’t react.

And so, I’ve decided to continue with KDO…but I will let PHIL do the drop off. Ha ha! This way, I am off the hook…TOTALLY off the hook.

Alas, Phil was out of town today. Today was KDO. And I would be the one to make the drop…to hear Eden whimper…to clean up the puke. But I was not going down without a fight.

And so, I eased Eden into the idea that she would attend Kids’ Day Out today…that she would see her friends…that she would have fun…that she would be brave…and that I would come back for her. I think I got to the friends part before she puked. But this was progress. She rarely pukes more than once…so boom! Off to a good start.

Next, as I was bathing my puke-covered princess, we prayed. I asked God to help her to be brave and to know that I would come back for her.

I told her I would be brave with her. And I gave her her two baby dolls and told her we needed to help them be brave.

The girl was so stinkin’ brave at drop off…whimpering but no puking…and no tears.  If I’m asking Eden to be brave, can I do any less?

Today we were brave. And next Tuesday when I drop her off again, we’ll do it once more. (Phil, you’re off the hook.)


2 thoughts on “Today We Were Brave

  1. This is wonderful! The prayer followed by great results! My heart about bursts when Cristian and I pray together now that he is 5…he likes to take over and say the prayer alone. It is precious hearing him pray “for God to keep him calm when other kids cut in line or take the red crayon before he can get it.” Kids love to pull strings (especially of mommies), but good job trying again and leaning on Him for support. Keep being brave girls!

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