Give Us This Day

So, I’m new to the whole homemaking thing. That being said, I am continually happening upon “new” (to me) ideas to make my life easier. My latest discovery is a KEEPER!!!

When I first heard about it, I was skeptical. I like a good, hot dinner. Turns out, everything I’ve made thus far has been delicious frozen and reheated. Granted, I reheat in the oven rather than the microwave…that may be why it is yummy. Anyhoo, LOVE!

The idea is to cook a month’s worth of dinners in a day or two, freeze them, and voila..each evening dinner is served sans toddler/mommy meltdown. Not only does it mean dinner is easy peazy, it means I get to play, play, play with Eden all afternoon.

I’ve tweaked the concept to better fit me. The deal is, I’ve discovered that I really enjoy cooking. And I don’t have many hobbies…okay, I don’t have any hobbies…so this discovery is a big deal. Unfortunately, trying to cook dinner each evening was not working well for me. Sweet little scooter pie distracted me from the task I so enjoyed…and the task I so enjoyed distracted me from the daughter  I so enjoyed. So now, I cook…happily…uninterrupted…leisurely…when I can. I do not cook all 30-ish meals in one day. Nope…too much of a good thing no esta bueno para me. Instead, when Eden is down for a nap…or Phil has the girl…OR I want to use cooking as an activity for the two of us…I make a meal…or part of a meal and freeze.

The final kicker for me though, was the humbling realization that I could go to the grocery store…and buy enough food in one trip to feed my family for a month…a month. Cooking in batches brings God’s outrageous generosity toward my family to the forefront of my heart and mind…not only has He given us…this day…our daily bread…He has given us weeks’ worth. Staggering.


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