For a Moment…

…all was right with the world. Jon* came to our home Friday evening and left us tonight just before dinner. We sent him home in time for his grandmother to give him his evening bottle…such a sweet way to begin life with a baby.

Our introduction to fostering has been short and sweet. We…okay, I…am convinced we will not get another one like Jon…easiest baby ever! Phil is certain that we will. The boy was sun and light…and slept through the night! Nope, we will not get another one like Jon. But we are hooked on this fostering gig.

Yes, it hurt to let him go. Yes, we fear for his future. But what a joy to be a safe place for that precious boy. I promise you, we loved him up one side and down the other. Such joy!

Our sweet boy came and left…and our family will never be the same.


* Our sweet boy’s name has been changed for the privacy of his family.


3 thoughts on “For a Moment…

  1. Oh, Jan. I know that fostering is a very heart warming and then heart breaking business. I am so proud of you and your family for offering the safe place for Joh and others that will surely follow. May your heart be blessed as you care for these precious children.

  2. Jan, you are amazing. Each child needs nurturing throughout their lives. You may only have them a short time, but you are building that bridge they need for their lives to continue in the best way possible.

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