Eden — Twenty Four Months, Baby!

Here we are. Eden is TWO! How did this happen? The past year simply flew. This is gonna go so quickly. We’re trying to savor each moment…even the “toddler moments,” which are coming fast and furious. These are the moments when she cries because she wants milk and then cries when she gets her the milk and then cries because the offending milk is taken away and then cries because she really wanted water…water that is white like milk but tastes like orange juice…but is definitely water. Whew. I find this stage utterly fascinating and fun…and… fascinating.

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First trip to the Alamo!
First trip to the Alamo!

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At two years, Eden:

  • faces forward in her car seat. This has opened a whole new world to her. This has closed off the world of snacking in the car for me. She sees all and knows all now.
  • can say her first and last name. So cute!
  • talked Phil in to sneaking up on me. She told him, “Shhh Mama!”
  • calls salt “other pepper.”
  • loves to run!! When she wants me to run with her, she says, “Mama fast!”
  • is done with formula. Yes, I kept her on toddler formula til this month. Yeah, yeah, I know. But we’re done now!
  • rubs her hands vigorously together and claps when she is trying to stay awake in her car seat. (Now that she faces forward, I know what all the commotion has been…the rubbing of her hands. She’s a hoot!)
  • calls out “Bye Boy” when Phil says “Bye Girls” in the morning.
  • loves the movie Bambi. She calls it “Baby Dear.” A plug for this movie…I love it because so much of it is told through music.
  • can climb down from her big-girl bed. She can also climb into it.
  • can easily do her shapes puzzle.
  • calls Bailey “Bailey Sue.” We call Bailey that occasionally, but now that Eden does it, the name is sticking. Poor Bailey. Like she doesn’t have enough problems!
  • washes dishes at the sink. She likes to wrap the job up by sticking her head under the faucet.
  • is using longer sentences. She told Phil,  “Daddy fix it now too,” concerning a certain pair of purple princess slippers that were cracked.
  • throws all of her stuffed animals out of bed in the morning. Guess they have to get out of bed when she does. She is building up quite the collection. Sigh.
  • loves, loves, loves cupcakes…whether they are real or imaginary. Her favorite imaginary cupcakes are orange.
  • is in the 95%ile for height and 90%ile for weight.
  • loves being a foster sister. She did such a great job with her first foster brother. We’re so proud of her.
  • likes to hold hands with her friends. Unfortunately, not many of her friends are into holding hands. (Hearts this mama’s heart!)
  • likes to hug her friends.
  • marches to the beat of a different drummer. She’s never gonna follow the crowd…she’ll veer a bit to the left…or the right…following a fun and adventurous path.
  • visited the Alamo for the first time. Her favorites there were the squirrels and the koy.
  • loves to hang…from precariously high places. Phil put up some “hanging bars” on her swing set…until I was informed that she is too young…could pull shoulder/elbows/wrists all wanky. This information has put a stop to our parking lot swinging sessions. Sniff, sniff. My first question to the pediatrician during Eden’s two-year-wellness visit was, “When can we swing her by the arms??”
  • got a play computer for her birthday. It has not left her side. Best gift ever.

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