Fostering and Eden

When it came to considering whether or not to foster, Eden was our biggest concern. I had imagined a bazillion ways in which fostering would ruin…RU-IN…her life. I mean, the girl, up to the point of fostering, had had a sweet life…two doting parents, a stay-at-home playmate/mom, nothing and no one to divert her parents from showering the girl with attention and affection. I mean, she was the miracle only-child of two older parents…how much sweeter can it get? But, we wanted more for our girl. We wanted Eden to be brave…and compassionate…and kind…to know what it is to have a broken heart…to look into the face of injustice…to love those who are broken/ugly/mean/unkind…to know what it is to be utterly crushed and have the courage to heal and rise to embrace life once more…with joy.

And so, our family fosters.

Here’s the deal. Eden is a champ. The girl is killing me with her kindness toward our Darling. (Darling has been with us for two weeks now, which, in our history of fostering, makes her stay “long-term”!) I could not be more proud of Eden…makes me weepy to watch her dote on Darling…to make sure she has a bottle or a paci or a blanket. The first thing Eden wants to do in the morning is “Go see baby.” Don’t get me wrong, she’s had her moments…when the baby cries too much or takes away too much attention or is in Eden’s space, but WOW…this girl is a trouper. So proud…so very proud. If only to see Eden shine, we are so glad to be fostering.


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