A Day in the Life – Eden and Mommy and Daddy

I want to capture this before it disappears from my memory…life as it is…on a typical day…with Mommy, Daddy, and Eden (age 2).

Phil and I rise and shine around 6:30. We sit on the love seat in the living room, sip coffee, chat a bit, but mostly enjoy the silence of each other’s company.

I start breakfast around 6:45…and wait for Eden’s entry into the day!

Eden calls for us. We go in and find one of a few situations…Eden laying down with covers, etc OR Eden in the midst of throwing all of her pillows, blankets and stuffed animals onto the floor OR Eden jumping on the bed having already thrown everything onto the floor.

We hug and kiss on Eden. Some mornings, she is receptive. Some mornings she says “No Mama” or “No Daddy.” Eh. Fickle girl.

Off to breakfast, which is leisurely. I pray for the breakfast. Eden eats whatever we eat these days. Pretty nice gig. Once we are done, we all push our plates away. Phil tells Eden “Do your chores.” Eden picks up the silverware, drops it into the sink, and throws away the trash. Then it’s off to work for Daddy.

I let Eden watch a little TV while I have my daily prayer time/life line with Shea.

Eden and I set off on a morning adventure! Our favorites include the park, the library, or the zoo (which includes a train ride!)

Home for lunch then nap time! Eden sleeps from 1-4 or so…NICE. I spend that time doing chores or NAPPING. Yippee!

Rise and shine from nap time…then it’s off for another adventure. Our favorite, when weather permits, is to walk to the elementary school and play on the pre-school playground. AWESOMENESS. Eden likes to leave me outside of the gate and wave “Bye bye, Mama.”

Walk home, start dinner! Phil gets home and plays with Eden…after he kisses me. Phil prays over our dinner, then we dig in. Following is play, bath, then bed.

All in all, a WONDERFUL life. Slow paced…lots of adventure…lots of love.



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