Eden — Two Years and One Month

There is nothing like having a baby in the house to make you realize that your baby is no longer a baby. We welcomed Darling, our foster daughter, into our home on December 16. Every time she cried, I thought it was Eden…then I had to remind myself...Eden doesn’t cry like that anymore. That’s a baby cry.

 But there’s more…apparently I have been “baby-ing” our BIG girl too much. There are so many things she can do that I have been doing for her! It reminds of the parents who would pick up their kids from camp, shocked to discover their dears had been making their own beds for a whole week, “I had no idea she could make her own bed!” Ha. Now that I am too busy with the baby to do everything for Eden, Eden simply does things for herself. (She can open a package of cheese by herself…actually, she can open the frig; find the cheese in the deli section…and open the cheese for heaven sakes!) Good lesson. Remember to let her try things on her own…she’s more capable than I know.

She is breaking my heart with how big she is…I am so proud of her.

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So, at TWO years and ONE month, our BIG girl:

  • knows how to swing a bat! We were over at a friend’s house. She saw his bat and ball…walked right over to it…picked up the ball…threw it in the air and swung at it. I stood there with my mouth hanging open. As I relayed my shock and awe to Phil over dinner, saying “I have no idea where she learned that!” Eden answered right back “Sissy boys,” which translates to “Sissy and the boys” which translates to “I saw Christian and Ethan doing the same thing when we are over at Tina’s house.”
  • calls sunbeams “bubbles.”
  • loves to pretend to leave us, saying “Byebyeseeyoulater” = Bye bye. See you later.
  • says “the baby spit out” when the baby spits up.
  • says “burp her back” for burp the baby.
  • announces her actions. For example, “I wake up,” or “I read book.” or “I eat cheese.”
  • enjoys physical comedy. She’s a sucker for Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins.
  • knows our daily schedule. Okay, she knows the first item on our daily schedule, which is “Wake Up.” We have a brightly colored Daily Schedule posted in our kitchen…it is a requirement for fostering. Anyhoo, Eden is interested in it so Phil goes over the events of the day with her. One morning he asked her, “What do we do at 7:00?” Eden said, “Wake up!” (Which we totally do NOT do at 7:00. We do it at 6:00 or 6:30 or 7:30 or even 8:00…perhaps we should work on that whole schedule thing?!)
  • says, “Check the baby” if the baby is crying. If the baby keeps crying, Eden says, “Check the baby again!”
  • takes a daily walk to visit our neighborhood cat, “Mr. Elvis.”
  • now gives low-fives (Thanks, Christy Giamona!) So cute.
  • has become a dancing fool. Aunt Shea sent her a “Get Up and Dance” DVD featuring Big Bird. A flipped has been switched in my girl. She was not much of a dancer before this DVD…now, she dances all the time. I love it!!!!
  • has started to sing the “Pop Pop” round with me and Phil. When we put her to bed, she asks for “Pop Pop,” which is that round with three parts…One Bottle of Pop/Fish and Chips and Vinegar/Don’t Throw Your Trash in My Backyard. No, she doesn’t come in at the right time or sing the right words…but she joins in and sings! Fun.
  • has hit the stage in which we are not allowed to sing. We continually hear, “No no singing Mama” or “No no singing Daddy.”
  • experienced Christmas as a two-year-old. She still does not get the whole “wrapped gift” thing…seems to think it is pretty silly to wrap a gift…why not just give the gift. Hmmm. She might be onto something.
  • spent TWO WEEKS with Nana. Sigh. It was not long enough. Eden adores her Nana.
  • spent five days with Uncle Jeff = just enough time to get to know him, like him, and want him to stay.
  • wants Nana and Uncle Jeff to come back to visit. She said so one morning at the breakfast table, shortly after they left, “Nana Uncle Jeff come back.”
  • enjoyed spending a day with Mimi, Aunt Christy, and her cousins Lindsey and Matthew. Mimi brought her “The Aristocats” which has become her #1 favorite movie. Eden also enjoys sporting her new Marie dress while carrying her Marie doll. The girl is hooked.
  • says “email” for oatmeal. Her vocabulary is exploding…but we are having a hard time understanding her! Blessedly, she can sign and is very patient with her parents as we decipher her words.
  • is NOT a fan of clothes, especially pants and shoes. She uses the ol’ “Owie” when clothes touch her. “Owie” grabs my attention, if only for a second, before I can catch on to her little game. Stinker! I’ve discovered, if I can distract her or get her interested in something quickly, she forgets that her clothes hurt her.

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