Darling — Four Months

Darling came to us on December 16. She’s been with us a whole month! In that time, she has become a healthy four-month-old and has captured our hearts! She is a treasure and we adore her. As our co-laborer, Jennifer Smith, encourages, we pray with open hands concerning her and her future with us. Of course, I want to wrap her up in my arms and declare, “Mine, mine, mine!” Ah, but she is not…neither is Eden for that matter…so praying with open palms reminds me in a very real way of my place in this grand adventure. Sigh.

At four months, Darling:

  • giggles.
  • has big blue eyes…just like Daddy and Eden.
  • has an adorable dimple in her chin.
  • talks and talks.
  • lights up when Phil walks into the room. Yep, we got another daddy’s girl.
  • still gets up once or twice a night. Phil takes care of her. Perhaps that’s why her heart belongs to Daddy?
  • is a people-person. She enjoys a crowd.
  • grasps toys that hang above her head.
  • loves her pacifier.
  • sleeps anywhere…car seat, pack and play, crib. She especially likes to sleep in her sling (while I wear her). I’m pretty partial to wearing this precious girl
  • officially has her very own crib. We moved it from Eden’s room to her room this weekend..
  • has had her first visitation with her family = mama, grandma, grandpa. She handled it like a champ. Her grandparents smothered her with hugs and kisses. They sure do love her. Me? I was brave…that’s all I’ll say on the matter.
  • has developed a double chin and her thighs have plumped a bit…only one roll…so far.

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