Eden — Two Years and Two Months

It’s official. I’m in love. Eden Jewel Tessier is a glorious mess and I love every inch of her perfect imperfections. Seriously, I could devour this child with a spoon. She is adorably round and toddler-y; she lacks attention to detail so she does not get lost in…ahem…the unimportant things (says the mom who also lacks attention to detail…you know, the elements of life that Phil declares have GREAT importance…the great debate is for another time.); she delights in people though she is shy; she loses her mind around anything soft and fluffy; she is such a servant-hearted girl; she loves to make a mess; she…she…makes my heart achy and happy all at once. Sigh. I guess I should get on with the update, huh?

First trip to Mickey D's for Play Land fun. Eden just happens to love guitars...and the color purple. Score!
First trip to Mickey D’s for Play Land fun. Eden just happens to love guitars…and the color purple. Score!
Jump-O-Lene = best toy ever!
Jump-O-Lene = best toy ever!
Eden and her beloved Haidyn at Father Daughter dance.
Eden and her beloved Haidyn at Father Daughter dance.
2014-01-25 19.12.47-1
Eden participating in “If the Shoe Fits, Buy It” fun. This honors the life of my friend’s mama.Fun in the snow...in San Antonio!!!

Fun in the snow…in San Antonio!!!

Snow Kitty.
Snow Kitty.
Cheek to cheek with Daddy.
Cheek to cheek with Daddy.
  • strokes my hair…just like my mama used to…in quiet moments…when there are no words and she wants to connect, she strokes my hair. Dreamy sigh.
  • attended her third Father Daughter dance. When she walked in the door afterwards, she had a look on her face that said, “Oh Mom! You would just never believe what we just did…even if I could explain it, you just would never believe!” The girl glowed.
  • attended her first PUMP IT UP par-tay. The place was a big hit for our bouncy girl.
  • offers hugs to anyone or anything in pain. “I hug her,” is a very common phrase around our house. She will hug the librarian (paper cut), Lady (of Lady and the Tramp fame – yes, she puts her cheek on the TV screen to get the job done), or the monkey in her “Ten Monkeys Jumping on the Bed” book.
  • has a weekly play date with her besties while Darling and I go for visitation. I believe it is a highlight of her week!
  • talks like crazy! Whew…language…explosion. BOOM. I’ve noticed the following phrases repeated ad nauseam = I am discovering the phrases I use most frequently: “be right back,” “stay right here,” “yeah,” AND “oh goodness.”
  • can open all the doors in the house now…except the front and back doors (thank you, Jesus!)
  • can do the whole bubble routine on her own now = hold the bubble bottle with little spilling; dip the handle in the “bubble juice”…with a few drinks of “bubble juice”…cause if Mom calls it “juice,” it must be yummy; and BLOWS BUBBLES. We are both thrilled with this new skill. (If she spills or knocks over the bubble bottle, her compulsion is to dump it…dump it! Why???? She does the same thing with milk or water or juice…if a cup falls over, she does not “right” it…she empties the entire contents. Sigh.)
  • still speaks an intelligible language when she is beyond tired. It is HILARIOUS…and a wee bit sad.
  • has become quite handy with my iphone. Currently, she loves looking at photos of videos of herself. So cute! She will spend about 30 minutes just flipping through…playing them over and over.
  • noticed when I got new glasses. She was sitting on my lap, facing me, and she reached out to touch them with a look of interest/confusion…somehow my face had changed! It was a precious moment. (She does get some details.)
  • can put herself to bed. Sniff, sniff.
  • can climb into her car seat by herself. Sniff, sniff.
  • experienced snow…here…in San Antonio!
  • is pretty sensitive to sound. She declares “too loud!” if the TV does not meet her sound standards.
  • can turn on her toy computer. It has a switch…and she can operate it. Sigh.
  • has watched Chitty Chitty Bang Bang twice with Phil. (I believe I have mentioned her appreciation/adoration for Dick Van Dyke.) One morning, shortly thereafter, she declared, “Chitty Bang Love You.” Hmmm.
  • insists that I read the intro to Lady and the Tramp each time we view it. It reads as follows: “‘In the whole history of the world, there is but one thing that money cannot buy…to wit–the wag of a dog’s tail.’ So it is to all dogs, be they ladies or tramps, that this movie is respectfully dedicated.” (I almost have this memorized…as I’m sure Eden will before much longer.}
  • loves to be told stories before bed time. I think this is how our ritual began: one night she was having trouble settling, so I climbed into bed with her. She was too fidgety for a book, so I said, “Lay down and I’ll tell you a story”…and the rest is history. Each night, she gets three stories. They all begin the same, “Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Eden”…then I tell some little snippet from her life. She likes to pick the characters for the stories. Thus far, her favorite characters are Sissy and the Boys (Tina, Christian, Ethan), Haidyn (beloved sitter), Daphne and Sam (her besties). Occasionally, she’ll throw in a situation rather than a character. She’ll say, “dance” or “jumper.” (Which reminds me, best gift ever = jump-o-lene. Great for cold weather!!)
  • has the gift of encouragement. After each story that I tell, Eden says, “Good story, Mama.” Love, love, love.
  • told Phil a bedtime story (while I was at a class.) It went something like this:

Phil: “Who will tell the story tonight?”
Eden: “Eden tell.”
Phil: “Who will be in the story?”
Eden: “Elmo.”
Phil: “Okay, tell me a story.”
Eden: “Once time…Elmo…the end.”


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