Once Upon a Time

Eden’s language has just exploded! Much to my delight and amazement, the girl loves words and stories and pages and books and paper and pens and markers…and signing. It seems the more she talks, the more she signs, and that has been a pleasant surprise. I did not see it coming. In fact, I figured that once she was more verbal, the signs would drop off. Nope. She is doing signs that I did not even realize she knew. I attribute this to the love affair she has with Signing Time videos…and the fact that she has had a steady diet of either Baby Signing Time or Signing Time from the time she was four months to present.

Here’s the kicker…when Eden tells a story…which is rare…it is in hushed tones…and ALL of it is signed. ALL. OF. IT. Granted, this is how her stories tend to go…again, in hushed tones…”Once upon a time, Alex, Leah and Hopkins…” then there’s a pause and she whispers so softly that I cannot hear her…but her signs usually indicate the words “story and book and pages and word.” Then she clearly declares, “the end!”  Then she claps for herself and we giggle. It is heartbreakingly precious. PRECIOUS I tell you.



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