Darling — Five Months

Darling can only be described as a happy baby. Eden was a content, serene baby. This girl is full of smiles and giggles and squeals of delight. I had the thrill of my life earlier today. Phil had morning duty with Darling. As I was up and in the kitchen, I heard squeals and screams coming from Darling’s room. When I asked Phil what had caused such an outburst, he said, “She heard your voice.” Sigh. I am a happy woman.

At 5 months, Darling:

  • is known to roll from front to back. It is infrequent…but it happens.
  • takes rice cereal in her bottle. She’s not quite up to taking it with a spoon yet, so I slip it in the bottle.
  • is getting nice and chunky!
  • is incredibly verbal. She screams sometimes, which always alarms me, but she’s just playing with her voice.
  • thrills to the company of others. Girl is definitely and extrovert.
  • has started regular visitations with her birth mom. Unfortunately, her mother has only been able to make two of the visitations. I feel both saddened and encouraged by this.
  • grasps objects with her hand.
  • has an interesting sleep “quirk.” She’s a bit too big for mittens now, and there’s really no need anymore. She no longer scratches her face. BUT, if we put socks on her hands, sleepiness overtakes her. It’s amazing to watch. It goes like this…socks on; hands to mouth; happy squeal; eyelids flutter, flutter, flutter…she’s out. Okay, not quite that quickly, but it’s a sight to see. And so, until she is…five or so…we will continue to put socks on her hands to bring about blessed sleep.
  • sleeps through the night. YIPPEEE. Of course, it’s little skin off my nose. Phil is the night watchman around these parts. (Thank you, Jesus, for such a husband.)
  • has begun physical therapy sessions. Turns out our girl is incredibly tense and tight through her neck and shoulders. I work with her daily…but refuse to do the stretches. (Bawk, bawk, bahg-awk!) We’ve only had one visit.  Perhaps after a few more sessions I will feel more comfortable stretching her tiny, little, baby neck. For now, we do the exercises and I massage her little shoulders and neck…her own personal baby masseuse.
  • is a DELIGHT to her family.

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