Where I Long to Live

Our family has been fostering for a mere three months now. We are certainly newbies, and we have plenty to learn. But I can tell you this, for me, fostering is that precious puzzle piece that has been missing…until now.

I have been accused, rightly so, of thinking too much…always trying to make meaning from life…from people…from experiences. Anyhoo, for as long as I can remember…something has been missing…I have felt incomplete…searching for meaning…searching for a fit. Surely…surely God had a purpose for me. Right? And I would recognize it. Right? Right? And until that time, I just keep moving forward in obedience…one leap of faith after the other until the final leap lead us to fostering.

I don’t know about you, but this job description does NOT sound like something that would bring meaning and fulfillment:

  1. Must risk heart. Daily.
  2. Must live with more questions than answers. Daily.
  3. Must be willing to relinquish rights to self. Daily.
  4.  Must be willing to endure injustice. Daily.
  5. Must be willing to lay down plans and desires for family. Daily.

Well, here’s a little secret – this life of surrender is where freedom is found. This is where fulfillment lives. And this is where I long to live. Daily.


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