Eden — Two Years and Three Months

Ouch. This past month has been a growing experience. “Clingy” best describes Eden right now…well, “clingy and needy.” Poor thing. She’s struggling with Darling’s presence…or so I think. Whatever has brought on the tears and the hugs and the “hold you” requests, Eden is feeling something new. I keep trying to help her name it, but to be honest, I’m not sure what she’s feeling. She seems to feel “sad” and “frustrated” and “mad”. Whew. Fun times.

Daily, she is a joy…even during this trying time…the girl is a joy.

Testing Darling's bathtub
Testing Darling’s bathtub
Wearing Mama's Boots
Wearing Mama’s Boots
A new way to use the jump-o-lene/cave...the fun never ends with this thing!
A new way to use the jump-o-lene/cave…the fun never ends with this thing!
My back was turned for one second. I swear!
My back was turned for one second. I swear!

At two years and three months, Eden:

  • will take me by the chin, gently turn my head and calmly say “Look at me, Mama.” Then she tells me whatever she has to tell me. (Wonder where she picked up this little number?)
  • is signing so much…so much! I love it. And she tells me what she is signing…”Eden sign ______.”
  • is always looking out for Darling…and giving instructions for her care = “Go get baby,” “feed baby,” “check on baby.”
  • answers “yeah” to absolutely every question. Sigh. This can be a fun one.
  • has a love affair with the grape boogie saline mist. Can’t say I blame her. That stuff is “yummy,” if a saline mist can be described as yummy. This past month, she’s been pretty stuffy…enter grape saline mist and the booger sucker. She happily offers a nostril for the mist AND for the sucker. (TMI? Sorry, it’s where we are right now…boogers, poopies, etc.)
  • constructs amazing sentences…in my humble opinion. “I walking with Daddy.” “Mr. Pott have a car.” (Mr. Potts is a character from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.)
  • found a rollie pollie and said/signed the following to me = “Family, go family, mama, daddy, go.” (She wanted the little guy to go home to mom and dad. Sweet girl. Then she crushed him a bit. Eh. It’s the thought that counts.)
  • goes above and beyond when it comes to cleaning up. (Um, sometimes…other times, she needs “encouragement.) Phil told her to put her Play Doh away. Not only did she put it back in it’s container, she put the lid on AND put the container away in her art cart.
  • says “awwwww” when she hugs people or animals or characters in books.
  • likes to sleep in the dark, “Light off. Door close.” This girls seems to love the dark (unlike her mama who still is a bit skittish about the whole venture of being in a dark room.)
  • put herself in timeout. She told us, “I make bad choice,” and walked herself to her room, did her time, returned and told us “all done.”
  • can take off her own shirt and pants.
  • likes to instruct me on how to sign. She “taught” me how to sign together. She said, “Fists together. Circle them.” No lie. She’s amazing.
  • is showing “leadership” tendencies. Some might call her a bossy pants…and boy can she be a bossy pants…so I am navigating the waters of raising a leader. How do I encourage and mold and shape my little bossy pants into a beautiful leader for Christ? Eh. I would love suggestions. Love this new challenge. Love the opportunity to pull out of her what God put into her. What an honor!
  • has renamed “The Sound of Music.” It is forever more called “Cold Mountain,” or “Green Mountain.” She loves this musical. Her favorite part/song is “I Have Confidence.” She giggles and giggles and giggles.
  • says “hold you”…and I love it. Phil has tried to correct her a few times…noooooo! This cute phrase will not be around long, but I have a feeling it will live in my heart forever. Sigh.

One thought on “Eden — Two Years and Three Months

  1. Jamie used to take my face in his hands and demand, “Turn your face around!” He’s commanding attention even now. He was definitely bossy himself (we always went out to eat after church where he wanted to go!) and he is a leader amongst his peers now. What they are as these two year olds, they still are at 18! I can see my influence (for better or worse) but his personality still is there. Jamie also loves “I Have Confidence” which is so funny Eden likes that best. I have already dedicated that song to him as he goes off to college this fall. My time is running out with him. God Bless you, sweet Jan! Keep up the good work! 🙂

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