Darling– Six Months

Our precious girl is half a year old! How did that happen? She is growing like crazy. As of late, Eden has taken a bit of a shine to her. Must be because is she becoming more interactive. Eden likes to hold Darling’s hands and she ESPECIALLY likes to “give her a bottle.” Darling patiently endures all the love coming from her older sis.

One day I hope to post photos of our girl…head on…smiling face. For now, we have “glimpse” photos. Enjoy.

Yummy baby
Yummy baby
Sweet lashes.
Sweet lashes.

At six months, Darling:

  • squeaks and squeals and yells…and then giggles. She is such a happy girl.
  • noticed our dog, Two-Two, and reached over to pet him. No lie. (Who would want to pet Two-Two? Okay, okay, Two-Two is a sweetie…a stinky sweetie…but a sweetie.)
  • is getting so strong! She can sit up on her own…for a second or two…okay, with some propping and positioning, our girl can sit up.
  • is lagging in some physical development areas…per our physical therapist. She does indeed have a touch of torticollis. (Melissa D, without your input, I would not have known it was a “thing”. I looked it up and asked the therapist if that was indeed “the issue.” Yep.) But her muscles have loosened significantly and she is able to turn to the left with ease. However, she still has some challenges due to her shortened neck muscles. This is not a concern to the therapist. With consistent exercise, the muscles will elongate and Darling will be able to develop normally.
  • is gentle and sweet, but boy does she have a temper. I’ve only ever seen said temper during physical therapy sessions. Whew!
  • visited with our friend, Christie Fryatt. Miss Christie just happens to be a physical therapist. Darling’s vast improvements can be attributed to some extra tips from Miss Christie! And the tips are fun. They include things like “snuggle her like this.” Awesome…snuggle instructions that help our girl lengthen and strengthen!
  • has had a months of firsts! First trip to the zoo.First train ride through Breckenridge Park. First trip to Kiddie Park. First ride on a carousel. (All these firsts are due to the fact that I have worked up the courage to take BOTH kids out on adventures. At this point, outings are still bumpy and involve LOTS of tears…my tears. Arg. Will this get easier????)
  • delights in kisses. She gives those precious, baby, open-mouth kisses.
  • loves to pull hair. Yea. My hair has recently been cropped short. Coincidence? I think not.
  • is the most precious addition to our family. Whether she stays a few more months, or forever, she blesses our hearts.

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