Eden — Two Years and Four Months

Our girl is growing up so fast. When I look at her now, I see a KID…not a toddler. How did that happen? Phil assures me she is still a toddler. She is so giggly and fun…and sweet and kind…and a bit of a mess. We absolutely adore the person she is and is becoming. Such an honor to be in on this parenting journey!

And I’ll be honest. Right now, I am having difficulty with her toddler-ness. Oh it’s funny…and surprising…and frustrating! I cannot tell you how many times I remind Phil, “She’s a toddler, Honey. She’s just being a toddler.” Now if I could just remember that. Arg. I’m trying to take her toddler-ness in stride…kind but firm…whew!

Like mommy. like daughter
Like mommy. like daughter
Eden wearing lipstick...on her cheek.
Eden wearing lipstick…on her cheek.
Reading books. Big girl!
Reading books. Big girl!
Eden being "a little baby" in Darling's car seat.
Eden being “a little baby” in Darling’s car seat.
Taking care of Darling.
Taking care of Darling.
First mega blocks! Big hit.
First mega blocks! Big hit.

At two years and four months, Eden:

  • astounds us with her speech…not just her vocabulary, but her sentence structure! And she quickly picks up terms, phrases, and lines from movies. Ahem.
  • finally says…”Hold you.” Sigh. Kyser John (age 16.7 years) was the first child I ever heard use this term…as it is still precious to my heart. Phil has tried to correct Eden a time or two…so I’ve had to correct him with a kidney punch or two. I want her to say “hold you” for as. long. as. possible…uh, without stunting her development…of course. Sigh.
  • has begun to master the subtle art of manipulation. She uses a couple of excuses when faced with a task she does not want to do. These include, but are not limited to, “I shy,” or “I shy, just a little bit shy,” or “I shy, really, really shy,” or “I afraid,” or “I scared.” Sigh. It’s actually quite precious. I just want to squeeze her! All of these excuses are met with something like this, “Oh dear! Well, we just have to be courageous and brush our teeth anyway,” or some such.
  • has altered her wake pattern. (Our girl is very regimented.) She now gets up on her own. She goes to her door…with her blankets and stuffed animals of choice…and knocks until we come.
  • woke up one morning, came out of her room and into the living room, and started playing. This only happened once. I think she really likes the suspense of waiting for us to come to her room…what will we say? How can she surprise us? What stuffed animal will she offer? Who will she want to hold her? So much fun first thing in the morning!
  • has kicked her booster chair to the curb. Boo! She sits in a big-girl chair. Sigh.
  • teaches me sign from time to time. She’s a natural. She showed me how to sign “Nice to meet you,” and made sure I did it correctly.
  • can spit. I had to teach her…the chalk eating was just too much. Our chalk is out in the backyard…and I’m certain it has been christened by a dog or two…or at least a bug. Anyhoo, I taught her to spit. Now if I could just teach her to stop eating chalk.
  • thinks everyone is “about 6 months.” This is likely because Darling is “about 6 months,” and people ask her age frequently. When people ask Eden how old she is…well, you get it, but the thing is she says it so factually and with such certainty. So we are working on saying, “I am two years old” rather than “about 6 months.”
  • as well as her father, have captured my heart by quoting one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE movie lines. I say it all the time…not sure what provokes it other than it tickles my funny bone. It is oft/always said at our dinner table…most meals…but to hear it coming out of my child…nay…my TWO-YEAR-OLD’S mouth was priceless. This is how Phil unveiled his masterpiece with Eden. I had just arrived home from my grandmother’s funeral. We sit down for dinner. Phil leans over to Eden and says, “Waiter. There’s too much pepper…” and Eden squeals, “in my paprikash!” Well, Eden says “poppykash”…but still! I could die.
  • visited Kiddie Park! Wahoooo!
  • spent a week with Cousin Celis. I did not take a single photograph of the two of them. Not. One. What kind of mom/aunt am I?? Photos or not, Eden fell in love and still asks for Cousin Celis. (Come back, Celis…and brings your sibblings…and your mom…and maybe your dad.)
  • says, much to my chagrin, “I good. Eden good,” when I ask her if she needs time in her room to cry or calm down. It sounds like she’s saying “I’ll be a good girl. Don’t send me to my room!” Blek. What she is actually saying is “Hey, it’s all good. I feel fine. No need to decompress. I’ve got this all under control.” As it turns out, I use the term, “Are you good/are we good/is everything good” to ask…you know…if everything is good. But OH,hearing that phrase…so RIPE with judgement…makes me wonder at my speech.
  • says “Holy cow” regularly. Hmmm. Wonder where she picked up that one? Holy Cow.
  • is starting to embrace her roll as big sister. She did great the first month = honeymoon phase. She had a couple of months of clingy-ness. And now, she wants to hold Darling…to comfort her when she cries…to feed her a bottle (whether or not Darling wants a bottle). The sweetest is that Eden wants to hold hands with Darling.
  • has started to interact more with her movies of choice = The Sound of Music and Frozen. She’s observing and commenting on behaviors of her beloved friends, “Miss Maria,Kristoff, Ana, Elsa, and “the daddies”…explanation to follow. So here are her gems:
    • She says, “skip hop, skip hop” during the folk dance scene of The Sound of Music. We have been known to practice “skip hop” from time to time.
    • Calls Maria and Captain Von Trapp “the mom and dad.” I had explained to her that the two were friends like moms and dads are friends…that moms and dads love each other. And so…most leading men and women are referred to as “the mom and dad.” The guys get a special title, “That’s her daddy”…as Kristoff is to Ana…but not Hans! No! Hans is NOT her daddy. I made that very clear!!!!
    • Points out bad choices of characters. Her favorite scenario is from The Sound of Music…after “the daddy” yells at “Miss Maria” and asks her to leave the house.  Maria is on the stairs walking up to her room, and the Captain comes out to stop her. That’s when Eden says…”Bad choice. He sorry. She forgives him.”
    • Calls Frozen “Let It Go.”
    • Wraps up in her blanket when Elsa sings “Let It Go,” and calls said blanket her ice dress.

One thought on “Eden — Two Years and Four Months

  1. I also call that movie “Let It Go.” Haha!! This is the most cute part of life—I just love it. You will treasure all these anecdotes as the years go by. My first grade class could just watch Frozen, “What Does the Fox Say” and “Happy” all day long. I have some good dancers in that class! Enjoy!

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