Darling — Seven Months

This has been an explosive month developmentally for Darling. Somehow…some way…while we were busy feeding her and diapering her and loving her, she grew! It feels as if someone…Darling…pulled one over on us. She is NOT a baby…well, not our tiny baby. No, she’s a BIG baby…well, for her. Let’s face it, the girl is gonna be on the petite side. Still, she is pushing the 25th percentiles in height and weight…not too shabby.

Oh, and this one is gonna be our go-getter. From the start, she has wanted to go, go, go…Heaven help me once she is mobile.

Look, Ma!
Look, Ma!
 A little bit of Heaven
A little bit of Heaven
Yep, I sleep on my tummy now.
Yep, I sleep on my tummy now.
Camping as a family with two littles!
Camping as a family with two littles!
Darling's "tent".
Darling’s “tent”.


At seven months, Darling:

  • has TWO teeth…both on the bottom.
  • met and fell in love with Cousin Celis.
  • wears her “magic beads” or “voodoo beads” to help with teething. I am not sold on them, but figured they were worth a try. Poor baby had a terrible rash and lots of pain! They are amber…or voodoo, whatever. Here’s a link to our voodoo beads.
  • eats rice cereal…and avocado…and looks longingly at anything we are eating. Girl wants to grow up too quickly! Seriously, I can just see the wheels turning as she watches Eden walk and run and jump and climb and eat. Whew.
  • had her six-month wellness visit…healthy as a horse!
  • had her first dental visit (required for fostering. Note, Eden has not had her first dental visit…eh.) She had no teeth at the time…but has two now…so there’s that.
  • is working hard on crawling. Actually, she is trying to skip crawling. She tries to stand. Seriously. Just wants to stand…and walk…and…well, you get the picture. She can do a bear crawl, which I think is her preferred crawl. No knees for this girl.
  • sleeps on her belly now. It was so fun the first few times we found her on her tummy! One morning Phil found her just sitting up in bed. He then lowered her mattress…cause the girl is itching to escape the confines of her baby body!
  • rides in a stroller…like a big girl. No more attaching the car seat to the stroller. Nope. Just put her little, sturdy body in the stroller and she’s good to go. She LOVES taking walks in the stroller.
  • went on her first camping trip! She was a champ…a real natural.
  • is completely in love with Eden. You should see the way she gazes at her big sister. My favorite thing to do with watch the two of them “play.” They sit facing each other…Eden gives her toys and giggles with her. Oh! Be still my heart.

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