Midlife Career Change

I recently flew home for a funeral. During my travels, I happened upon a flight attendant in training. She was just about my age (i.e. forty-ish)…which meant…this was a career change. And not just any career change. This was a change that came after about twenty years of walking down one road…a road that was safe and solid…if only for the fact that that road was twenty years old. And I had to…had to corner her to ask the obvious…”So, is this a career change for you?” Of course, it was, and then my gift of encouragement started to spill…like it does…seriously, it’s like I have no control of this thing that MUST come out. “Wow! You are so brave. It takes such courage to learn something totally new! I am so inspired by you.” And we both got a little misty-eyed…cause we both know…midlife career changes are frightening and exhilarating and humbling…Oh. So. Humbling.

And so it was with great humility that I entered motherhood…midlife. Gulp. My “co-workers” are all so young…so energetic…so fit…so lovely…sooooo …young.

But here’s the joy in a midlife career change…an understanding of the brevity of a season…a firm grasp on the circle of life. At 20 or even 30, few of us grasp the brevity…the march…the cycle of becoming. Once you hit a few seasons, you start to realize…”wow, I really will age…and get older…with wrinkles…that will only deepen with time until one day, I will have old skin…and my body will slow down…and…and I guess that means that I, even I, will eventually come to the end…hmmm.”

It is with this precious knowledge that God blessed me with babies. And though my body aches, my heart and mind and spirit sour with such delight…at the brevity. I have two littles right now…and oh…the delight of just being in each moment…just soaking in this season…this season of tantrums and teething and diaper rashes and whining and crying…oh the crying. The absolute preciousness of this season is not lost on me…and I do not know what I did…why He chose me…to wait…to wait until my heart would burst with utter delight…just to sit in the dirt and drink in my girls. What a gift. What a God. What a life.




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