Eden — Two Years and Five Months

Eden says the funniest things. My most favorite thing in the world is when she really gets going, using her hands for emphasis, with such a serious look on her face and I cannot understand a single word…but boy, does she mean what she’s saying.

On our way to the campsite.
On our way to the campsite.
Sporting some mighty cute dog ears.
Sporting some mighty cute dog ears.
Here. Take this. Take it!
Here. Take this. Take it!
Making blue cupcakes for our camping trip.
Making blue cupcakes for our camping trip.
Posing at the zoo.
Posing at the zoo.
Checking out the Guadalupe with Daddy.
Checking out the Guadalupe with Daddy.
Negotiating bear ownership with the little sis.
Negotiating bear ownership with the little sis.


At two years and five months Eden:

  • has utterly and completely captivated her mother. Sigh. I. Love. Her.
  • sings. Finally…she has never, ever, ever really sung a song…but now, she SINGS. Makes my heart so happy.
  • says, “Awww, thanks buddy” (Frozen quote) when applicable. SOOO cute.
  • runs…for real runs…none of that toddler business anymore. The girl can run.
  • likes having her toenails and fingernails painted.
  • has a unique method of breaking cascarones (here’s the link for all my  non-San-Antonian-family=-members). We did not explain what they were so as to study her in her natural habitat. She bites the top off then sprinkles the confetti. Effective, but messy.
  • quotes me frequently. The top quotes include, but are not limited to:
    • holy cow!
    • awesome…or dat’s awesome.
    • awww, dat’s so cute.
    • awww, dat’s so sweet.
  • knows my name and Phil’s name. She uses an appropriate panhandle accent for Phil’s name = Fee-uhl…two syllables, of course.
  • has taken to calling Phil “father.” We have no idea where she picked this up, but it is hilarious. These are the names she currently has for Phil: Father, Father Tessier, Father Phil, My Father, Phil.
  • has encountered her first lizard. (I ADORE LIZARDS!!! So, this is a big deal…the first lizard of the season is always happily celebrated in our house.) We named our lizard Larry.
  • loves the book “Go Dogs! Go!” and uses the line at the stop light = “Go dogs go, the light is green.” OR “Stop dogs stop, the light is red.” Love this.
  • traditionally has responded with, “Yes, mama” when she is given instructions. Now that she is getting older, we are trying to transition to a more universal, “Yes ma’am,” but she has settled on, “Yes ma’am, Mama.” Love.
  • likes to have a birthday candle with her cupcakes…and I TOTALLY agree…one SHOULD have a candle with each cupcake. We sing “Happy cupcake to you,” then she blows out the candle and eats the cupcake.
  • enjoys Darling more and more. Eden wants to hold Darling and give her a bottle and occasionally share toys. It makes my heart so happy to see the two of them playing. Sigh.
  • noticed some graffiti at our park. I explained that was a bad choice, that we should write and draw on paper, not on buildings. A few days later she noticed some graffiti along the highway and she informed me, “Bad choice.”
  • called Darling “Squirmels” which is a term Phil frequently uses for our wiggly baby.
  • had her first, “Watch me, Daddy” moment. She has a train whistle that she is still trying to master. Anyhoo, she excitedly told Phil, “Daddy, watch this,” then she squatted down with the whistle, counted to three, then rose up while blowing the whistle. Funny girl.
  • protects us from harm. She frequently tells us, “no no, that’s too dangerous.”
  • tries to snap. She knows that there should be a sound with a snap. Since she cannot yet make a snapping sound with her fingers, she clicks her tongue when she snaps.
  • brushes out the “mouse” in the back of my hair, letting me know that I “have a mouse nest in back.” (My mom used to say, with great dismay, “Oh! You have a rat’s nest back there.” Well…Eden gets nests too…but they are so darn cute, I just can’t call her tangles a rat’s nest…so I call them a mouse nest…or a mousie nest. Mice are so much cuter and sweeter than rats. Right?)
  • says “thank you” after getting a spanking. (Oh yeah, occasionally, that is all that will work. Sigh.) It breaks my heart…why does she thank us? She is a sweet and curious creature.
  • pretends to be Kristoff from Frozen. Dat’s my girl!

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