Darling — Eight Months

In this past month, Darling has gone from rocking on her knees to walking with the help of one hand. One hand. She is so ready to take on the world. Plus, she has traveled across the great state of Texas…with a bright and sunny disposition…which is saying something. Twelve hours to the panhandle, twelve hours home, with but a few moments of fussiness. She’s a champ and we adore her…and Eden? Whew. Now that Darling is more mobile, Eden has taken it upon herself to instruct our girl in all things “life”…from holding hands with her big sister to taking a bottle to NOT touching Eden’s toys toooo much.

Loving on Bailey.
On the move.

2014-05-24 10.05.55

Favorite place to sit - in front of the window.
Favorite place to sit – in front of the window.

At eight months, Darling:

  • holds her own bottle.
  • tries to stand. She looks like she’s surfing as she rises from the floor and tries to balance, arms spread wide while squatting. It won’t be long now. Her physical therapist thinks Darling will be walking by 9 months. Hold on to your hats!
  • crawled to me. She wanted me. She crawled to me. Amazing how something so small changes everything. She can go where she wants…so long as no pesky adults stop her.
  • does NOT like peas. She actually gagged. Aside from that, she has enjoyed bananas and sweet potatoes this month…oh, and her first table food. She ate mashed potatoes while we were visiting Paw Paw.
  • mid-month, we would find her on her knees in her bed. Now, she stands! Phil has lowered the mattress.
  • enjoyed a warm, spring shower. Eden, Phil, Darling and I played outside in the gentle rain. A first for our girl.
  • loves nature. Imagine that. Is it nature or nurture? Eh. Whatever…she fits right in around here.
  • pulls on to standing while using my (or anyone else’s) leg.
  • sings. This is precious. She loves to sing.
  • blows raspberries. Cute at this stage.
  • has a bit of a temper. And again, at this age, it is adorable. Sometimes I try her patience just to see her temper…and hug it all out of her.
  • snuggles so sweetly when I wear her. She loves to be held and snuggled.
  • looks at Phil with such delight. Her eyes actually light up.
  • is starting to have a touch of separation anxiety.
  • has met her Paw Paw, Lulu, Aunt Kelli, Uncle Read, Aunt Janie, Cousins Madison and Hadley. Whew. She’s even dipped her toe into the Oklahoma panhandle to do it!

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