Eden — Two and One Half Years!

Eden is, hands down, one of my favorite people. This girl! She is sweet and gentle, rough and tumble, quiet and reflective…with a quick and boisterous laugh. She enjoys a good story, whether through music or movement or words…she is captivated by the struggles and triumphs of others. She is bursting with life, but only for the eyes of those she trusts deeply. Pray you get on the in with this girl…she’s so fun.


Riding a caterpillar at Abilene Zoo.
Riding a caterpillar at Abilene Zoo.
Check out those cute dog ears!!
Check out those cute dog ears!!
Post tractor ride, snuggle with Uncle Jarod.
Post tractor ride, snuggle with Uncle Jarod.
Loving life in the country!
Loving life in the country!
Shaving cream fun!
Shaving cream fun!
Exploring Lulu's backyard!
Exploring Lulu’s backyard!
Riding in the truck. Yee haw.
Riding in the big rig with Uncle Read and the boys.
Eden, Uncle Read, and Newt.
Snuggling with Uncle Read and Newt.

At two and a half years, Eden:

  • continues to delight and inspire her mother. (dreamy, dreamy sigh)
  • uses the following quotes from various movies:
    • “The sky’s awake, so I’m awake, and we have to PLAY.” (Frozen)
    • “Wanna build a snowman?” as she jumps on me when I’m reclining. (Frozen)
    • “Cold, cold, cold, cold!” (Frozen)
    • “Easy, easy,” when addressing our dogs…as Hans calms the horse in Frozen.
    • “Tweet tweet, tweet tweet, love’s sweet song!” (Bambi)
  • calls her favorite blanket her ice dress. This began while watching Frozen. One day, as Elsa transformed into her silver “ice dress,” Eden declared, “My ice dress! My ice dress!” She ran into her room to grab her gray blanket (covered in snowmen) and draped it around her shoulders.
  • has developed a new rating system. Dresses that she thinks are pretty are ‘ice dresses.” The following people have donned ice dresses:
    • me…for a date night. This was the first time she referred to anyone, other than herself, wearing an ice dress. She saw me and said, “Ohhhh! Mama’s wearing an ice dress!” (Best compliment ever.)
    • Joseph of the many-colored coat fame. She has a picture Bible and deeply admires Joseph’s ice dress.
    • pretty much any dress in her closet…ice dresses…which makes it really easy to get her dressed (something that has been a struggle in the past!)
  • loves quality time and touch. Wonderfully for me, we share the same love language. She often says, “Mama, come sit with  me,” to which I HAPPILY oblige. But pooooor Phil. He loves to do acts of service for us = NOT sitting with us…NOT soaking up the love fest. But trooper that he is, he sits…and does “nothing.” Sweet Phil.
  • loves “school” = Kids’ Day Out program. Too bad we are not doing it this summer. Hopefully, she will remember how much she loves it when we begin in the fall!
  • says “cheese” as she pretends to hold an iphone (any small rectangular object). Bonus, she now lets me take photos of her…and says “cheese” for them…on occasion.
  • sometimes prays after Phil…repeating his words. Adorable.
  • insists on doing “prayer hands” often rather than holding our hands for prayer. Sigh. Already pulling away…independent spirit!
  • sings and sings and sings and sings…and I LOVE it. (She likely has inherited her father’s “ear” = more of a joyful noise rather than a recognizable tune.)
  • calls Pegasus an angel horse. (I had NO idea she knew what an angel was…much less than an angel has wings…where does she pick up this stuff???)
  • likes to hold Darling’s hand to help her walk.
  • was caught…hilariously…squeezing Darling’s hand a bit too firmly. Eden was trembling with the amount of squeeze she was putting into the wee babe’s hand. Me: “Eden, hold her hand gently.” Eden: “Okay, Mama,” looking at me with innocence as she again trembled with the intensity of her squeeze. This girl! She loves HARD.
  • makes a delicious mess with yogurt. She loves yogurt. For the most part, food goes into her mouth at this point…very little on her body…unless it is yogurt. I think I will try freezing it…making some yogurt pops.
  • discusses “making choices” all the time. Our verbiage for behaviors is “making good choices” or “making bad choices.” She points out people’s choices all the time. Pretty interesting. She seems surprised when mommy makes a bad choice…almost like she ignores my bad choices until I sit her down and say, “Mama made a bad choice. Will you forgive me?” Which she happily does. Kids.
  • adores…ADORES corn.
  • is hopefully about to shoot up as her appetite can be somewhat…excessive. The other day she ate three peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch. That is SIX slices of bread. SIX. She asked for a fourth, but Phil told her to take a breath…she decided after a bit that she was, indeed, full.
  • took her first LONG road trip. (I really need to blog about it…it was a WONDERFUL experience). She received “surprise bags” throughout the trip…and still asks for them from time to time, “May I have a surprise bag??” Erg. I keep explaining those are for road trips. So, she keeps asking for road trips. Smart girl.
  • enjoys a good snuggle up against her mama. I wear an insulin pump, and sometimes it gets in the way, to which she quickly spouts, “Mom! Move your pump.”
  • has ridden a tractor (with Uncle Read.)
  • has ridden a semi truck (with Uncle Read and Uncle Jarod.)
  • informs me, “That’s not kind,” when I say the word NO…or discipline her. Oi! Though it won’t stick yet, I let her know that “no” and “discipline” are signs of great kindness…and love. Oi. Oi. Oi.
  • fell in love with and claimed my Dad’s beloved dog as her own. He’d give her just about anything…but Gracie. Gracie is not for sharing.
  • uses “May I” all the time. I don’t know where or how she picked it up, but Phil and I love it!!!!! 
    • asked Phil, “May I toot?” Seriously. She’s too much.

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