Darling — Nine Months

Well, she’s practically grown at this point. This girl! She is constantly on the move. Was there ever a time when she needed me to move from place to place? Hmmm. It is all a blur. Glad I’m keeping notes on this one…though she’s developing so fast, it is hard to keep up.

Bath Time!
Bath Time!
Stealing Eden's sippy cup. She's a big girl!
Stealing Eden’s sippy cup. She’s a big girl!
Having risen from her Spidey pose.

At nine months (sniff, sniff…NINE??), Darling:

  • has tasted oatmeal (not a huge fan), pears (yum), squash (yum), carrots (yum), banana (double yum), and apple sauce (eww). Now, who doesn’t like apple sauce? Apparently, our girl.
  • loves water play…dog bowl, swimming pool, kiddie pool, and BATH TUB. She gets big girl baths now.
  • dances when she walks. It is the cutest thing. She does a little kick, kick (when we hold her hands).
  • climbs…Phil has moved her mattress down again. Her favorite thing to climb is my leg, but she has been known to climb chairs, stools, and the dishwasher lid.
  • began the month standing, unaided, for about 3 seconds…now she can stand, unaided for 15 seconds.
  • can stand tripod while picking up a toy.
  • is also know as Spider Baby…for such poses as this, this, and this. She can rise to stand from any of her Spidey poses. Her movements are great feats of physical powress…just like Spidey. No, she does not shoot webs, but boy, can this girl move!
  • gave me a bloody nose…a first in our relationship. She was gleefully throwing herself backwards on my bed  and giggling…till she pegged me in the face. Owie…for both of us.
  • sits in a booster chair now…sniff, sniff. No more Bumbo. Good grief…she is going toooo fast for me!
  • eats Cheerios! I’ve also given her bits of flour tortilla…from Taco Cabana…those things are just toooo good to NOT let a child try at the EARLIEST opportunity.
  • can easily climb over our patio threshold. Easily.
  • has become more engaged with the doggies.
  • enjoyed a morning in the Guadalupe River (with me and Eden).
  • visited Sea World for the first time.
  • got to spend time with the Picciuti Crew (see note on the Taco Cabana tortilla!! Hmmm. If memory serves, Chuck Picciuti gave Kyser Coplen his very first flour tortilla…waaaay too early…much to the chagrin of Shea…so the baby-tortilla tradition lives on.)
  • is giggling more and more with her big sis. The two are bonding more as Darling becomes more interesting.
  • is dodging her big sis more and more. Eden openly and honestly enjoys such activities and “sitting on the baby’s head,” and my personal favorite…Eden’s declaration, “I want to hit her in the head with a bat.” Hmmm. Should I be concerned????
  • has been such a beautiful blessing to our family. We love her so much!!

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