Eden — Two Years and Seven Months

An ode to our girl…our delicious, darling, daring, delightful daughter. I am smitten with Eden…the way she winkles her nose and shakes her head when she’s snuggly…the way she nods and uses her hands for illustration when she is telling me something very, very serious…the way she squeals when she is ubber excited…the way she fake cries when she wants a little more lovin’ after a fall or a crash. Oh this girl. I wonder if it is normal to adore her so…to adore absolutely everything about this child…even when her behavior is far from pretty…to adore this child so? I hear it is common. Such love…common.

First time to Krispy Kreme!
First time to Krispy Kreme!
Angelina Ballerina...tutu and tail.
Angelina Ballerina…tutu and tail.
Her favorite at Sea World...the carousel.
Her favorite at Sea World…the carousel.
Practicing on Two in prep for Clancy.
Practicing on Two in prep for Clancy.
Morning at the Guadalupe River.
Morning at the Guadalupe River.
Future Lions Camp Counselor
Future Lions Camp Counselor
Cutie girl.
Cutie girl.
First glimpse at Clancy, Eden's Favorite Best Dog.
First glimpse at Clancy, Eden’s Favorite Best Dog.
Clancy, meet Eden.
Clancy, meet Eden.
Clancy a.k.a. My Favorite Best Dog.
Clancy a.k.a. My Favorite Best Dog.
She's just so cute!
She’s just so cute!

Anyhoo. At two years and seven months, Eden:

  • pulled out the vocab word, “Crocs.” I don’t know why this took me by surprise…such a common term used by millions…out of the mouth of my babe.
  • spent a few days with the Picciuti family. She is in love with Aunt Heather and with Matthew.
  • started wearing her cowgirl hat (cause cousin Charlie wears a cowboy hat.)
  • has adorable comments that make my heart melt. Phil was putting Darling to bed and he told Eden “This is a quiet room right now.” Eden replied “Okay, I prob’lly go see Mommy.” She says “prob’lly” a lot, which means I probably say prob’lly a lot.
  • has discovered a wealth of new DVD character favorites: Clifford (the big red dog), Angelina Ballerina, and Super Why. And the girl dresses for each show…Clifford gets a diaper, no clothes needed for a dog. Angelina gets a dress, a tutu (MUST have a dress on under the tutu), a tail (from a cat costume), and ballet shoes. Super why gets a t-shirt, jeans, tennis shoes, a cape, and a super duper computer.
  • has a new love…her Elmo crocs (courtesy of Mimi.) Elmo kisses her…which means Eden can often be found being kissed by her feet. Too cute.
  • got a Sea World Pass…okay, I got the Sea World Pass and Eden is free…but still…girl gets to visit Sea World about once a week (compliments of Picciuti’s.) Hands down, her favorite places to explore at Sea World are the gift stores. With the weather being what it is, that is fine by me!
  • loves to “write,” and will often invite me to write with her. She has an art table with markers, crayons, pens and paper…one of her favorite places to hang.
  • is constantly looking for “an E for Eden.” She loves finding E’s in words…but capital E’s only. Lower case DO. NOT. COUNT.
  • has a new phrase = “I no did” or “I no can.” For example, Me: “Eden, can you help me clean up?” Eden; “No, Mama. I no can.”
  • can open our sliding glass door…by herself. Here we go!
  • has discovered tap shoes. (Joy!!) I found tap shoes at Good Will several months ago. I did not make a big deal out of them, just quietly put them in her shoe basket. Well, she found them and loves them! However, they can be a bit slippery on our tile floors.
  • visited Texas Lions Camp…not for the first time, but for the first time that she will remember…the first time to really see this amazing place that is such a rich part of her history.
  • uses regular utensils. No more baby spoons. No more baby forks. No more baby stuff. (We transitioned to regular utensils on our trip to the panhandle…now, it’s just an everyday occurrence…Eden is just another one of us at the dinner table. Sigh.
  • sometimes has conversations with herself: “May I have a cracker? Of course you may.” (I also happen to use “of course” a lot.)
  • uses many of my common phrases…which is adorable to hear: “Yep,” and “hi guys” and “prob’lly” are the most frequently heard.
  • got a new dog, Clancy. Before he even showed up, she referred to Clancy as her “Favorite Best Dog.” He is a border collie…a very mild tempered border collie. He’s a keeper!
  • has nicknames for all our dogs. (I think we officially have a pack.) Clancy is both Alice and T-bone. Bailey is Marco. Two is AZ. (These are all names from either Angelina Ballerina or Clifford.) And then there are the nicknames for the people of the pack. Eden is either Angelina or Clifford or Baby Bear. I am either Ms. Mousling or Emily Elizabeth or Mama Bear. Darling is either Polly or Cleo. And Phil? Phil is Goldilocks…but only because he tends to eat “Baby Bear’s” food. (Phil cannot keep up with all the name floating around here and simply opts out.)



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