Darling — Ten Months

Our girl is such a happy firecracker! Fiercely determined…she cannot be distracted from her goal.This will serve her well in life…and complicate mine to no end! Watch out world, our girl has a will of steel…let’s pray she uses it for good.

She is a giggly, happy baby…with an amazing smile. Darling melts our hearts. She’s such a treasure.

At ten months, Darling:

  • falls and rises and falls and rises…lots of falls…but you can’t keep our girl down.
  • shakes her head playfully…cutest thing. Makes us giggle…which makes her shake it more…which makes us giggle.
  • imitates laughs and coughs.
  • jumped…both feet up. I think this is like a two-year-old skill. The deal was, she wanted to take a step forward, but couldn’t quite muster the one foot forward. She looked at me questioningly…and JUMPED. She and I were both startled by her accomplishment.
  • has two cries…always two. The first cry is “Ouch! I’m hurt.” The second cry is, “I am so MAD that I am hurt.” And yes, I find her angry cry absolutely adorable…I may or may not make her mad on purpose. I’m just saying.
  • began the month with two teeth…then one more popped in…then TWO more. So, we are ending the tenth month of her life with five teeth.
  • loves to throw her head backward and fall…onto my lap or the bed or cushions…this is how I spotted her new teeth.
  • will put a spoon with baby food into her mouth.
  • still WILL NOT hold her own bottle. WILL NOT.
  • took her first step on 7/11/14…then two steps…then six steps…then twelve. She has maxed out at twelve. Not steady by any stretch…her main form of travel is still spider crawling and walking with the support of one hand…or rather running with the support of one hand.
  • has graduated from physical therapy…since she is functioning at 12/13 months. On one of her last visits, the therapist planned on “walking her to exhaustion.” Alas, the therapist had a mere 30 minutes…and by the end, Darling was running. Our therapist says she’s never seen a non-walker do that…walk for 30 minutes and not poop out totally. I think our girl will take after the Coplens…marathon running in her future!
  • goes by the name “Pup” from time to time.
  • has jumped right into table food. This is the list of new foods for this month: crackers, Cheetos, banana, egg yolks, Goldfish, chicken, donuts…and she may or may not have tried a little something Bailey left on the porch. Maybe.
  • has visited and LOVES the Cibolo Nature Center. We are making it a weekly trek. She enjoys sitting in the creek, playing with rocks.
  • loves to be held.
  • has been experiencing separation anxiety…doesn’t last long…but the girl loves her people…and her people love her.



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