Oooonnnne, Twwwoooo, Thrrrreeee – The Making of a Counter

Okay, so since becoming a parent, there are few, yet a very few, words I have not eaten. Today, I almost ate, “Never count.” And this is one I really get. And believe in. When we count, we simply teach our kids to wait for the count…rather than to obey our instructions. Right? Simple. Right?

But those pesky kids! They are so darned adorable…and manipulative. And if you know anything about me, it’s that I’m a sucker. Suck. Er. And so, this is how I almost became a counter today…and I’ll just bet, if you are a counter, that this is how your kids nabbed you!

It was all innocent enough. Nap time. A sweet time. But Eden has recently started fighting the inevitable…she draws things out as long as possible. And today was a humdinger. Diaper changed? Check. Mood lighting? Check. Favorite blankie? Check. And then she threw in…I want to wear pajamas. Right then…that’s when I should have said, “Nope. Nap time.” But I thought…How cute! She wants to wear pajamas. That is just so Eden. 

So, we get out of bed and make the trek to the pj drawer. And she lingers over it…telling me how she wants to pick. Not to become victim to her charm, I start making suggestions…”How about the princess pajamas? Or the twirly girl pajamas?” But no, she wants to pick…and she lingers. Again, I should have picked up on the tactic…but she was just so cute…perusing the pj’s…so cute.

So I thought…hmmm…let me just take the drawer to the bed…to, um, speed this along. (I know! And this is how it begins…here I was, thinking the best of my little depraved sinner child with angelic features and hair.)

Drawer on bed. Again, she sweetly tells me she wants to pick. Again, I make suggestions…even picking some up to show her how very cute they were. And that’s when it almost happened…when I almost crossed the line…in fact, I think the “wwww” wound may have escaped my lips. My mind was thinking, I’ll just count. When I get to three, I’ll just pick up the drawer and call it nap time. And you know why? I wanted her to do the right thing! I wanted her to just pick…like the good little angel that I want to believe she is…JUST MAKE THIS EASY AND PICK FOR HEAVEN’S SAKES!!! Plus, I think I needed permission to draw the line…and counting kinda sets the boundary…when I hit three, bingo. Line drawn.

But here’s the deal. She wasn’t gonna choose. The girl was gonna try to play me…for however long I would let her. Ug. It’s hard to recognize the sinner in my baby…my sweet, depraved baby…with the angelic stuff….

And so, for those of you who count, I get it. We want our kids to pull through…to just do the simple task…to just listen and obey. Is it really so hard? Yep. I reckon it is.


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