Eden — Two and Eight…ain’t that great!

Well…I love this girl. She is turning into such a neat person. I’ve heard this happens. Your child picks up on your humor…your inside jokes, etc. You can basically create the perfect audience/entertainment for yourself…and Eden is no exception. She cracks me up, because she cracks my jokes. Ha. Love it.

We feel pretty!


Making birthday cake for Uncle Jeff.
Making birthday cake for Uncle Jeff.
Kitty girl.
Kitty girl.
Having fun!
Let the fun begin!


At two years and eight months, Eden:

  • is one of my favorite people…out of all people ever…ever! Love her.
  • has become skilled at playing her mama. I mean, she knows I’m a fool for her, and she takes advantage! Her main tactic is distraction…and of course, the distractions are adorable. For example…at nap time, she asks to wear pajamas (knowing that I think that is a precious request and that I will easily succumb to her charm). So, the search for the perfect pair of pj’s for a nap can be drawn out for minutes if I’m not prepared for hand-to-hand combat. (Note to self, always be ready for hand-to-hand combat.)
  • is such an encourager. She is continually saying, “good job, Mama,” or “way to go, Daddy.” Recently, when Phil corrected Eden at the dinner table, she said, “Way to go talk to me.” And if anyone is crying or wounded…she is there with a hug.
  • told Phil, “Much better, Daddy. Much better,” when he missed the couch due to a coughing fit but finally settled into his seat.
  • likes to dress for her “movie/DVD” of choice. I believe I have shown and described Angelina Ballerina. Dora gets a pink shirt, shorts, socks, tennis shoes, and a backpack. Curious George gets a diaper. George is by far my favorite, for obvious reasons.
  • has an extensive sleepy-time routine. These are the commands given in prep for bed. “Cover my self” = cover me up. Then there is the extensive wrestling with the blanket…and her feet always find their way out = “cover my feet,” thrash, thrash, thrash, “cover my feet,” thrash, thrash, thrash, “cover my feet.” Here’s the thing…her routine is much like mine. This is how mine goes with Phil…”cover my shoulder,” thrash, thrash, thrash, “cover my shoulder,” thrash, thrash, thrash, “cover my shoulder.” So, girl comes by it honestly.
  • likes to be tickled before bedtime. Ahhh, the long, rich tradition of the bedtime tickle. Dad told me that Granny used to tickle his feet before he’d drift off to sleep. I remember Sunday afternoons with Granny – reclining on the “divan” (does anyone use that word anymore???), feet in her lap, and she’d lightly tickle my toes til I drifted off. And the tradition continues…but Eden likes tickles all over. She sweetly says, “Tickle me a wittle.” which means lightly…”tickle my head a wittle,” “tickle my arm a wittle,” “tickle my face a wittle.” I love her a wittle.
  • replaces her L’s with W’s…but not if the L is in the beginning of a word. Cute!
  • has new meal time chores. Up to this point, she has been our silverware and trash girl. Now she carries her own plate to the sink.
  • continually confuses the words “avocado” and “cottage cheese.” She also confuses “pepperoni” and “macaroni.”
  • has picked up on the fact that we have a daily outing. Each morning she asks, “Where we go today?”
  • pee-peed on the potty for the first time…at church. (She took her first step at church and now this. Hmmm. Perhaps we will stop going to church until the girls are grown?? Actually, I think it’s pretty neat that those who love and care for her at church are in on the fun.) We had not even really begun potty training, BUT, one of her friends went…and she wanted to too…and she did it!
  • signs “I love you” in a unique way…no pinkie…so it looks a bit like the Red Raider sign. Cutie.
  • was lost for the very first time…like…LOST. We were at a big event for the fostering community…tons of kids from church running all over this burger joint. And we lost sight of her…and started to look, still feeling quite calm…looked outside, no Eden. Still calm…but a bit concerned. Tried the bathroom…and sitting in a pool of her own puke was our precious girl. She had cried so hard that she had little blood blisters around her eyes. Nothing makes you look like a great candidate for fostering than losing your child in a public place. Poor girl. We hugged her…then cleaned her…then hugged and hugged and cooed and cooed and hugged. Poor baby.
  • responded to Daddy’s, “You’re so cute,” with a “Yes I am!”
  • has a new obsession and her name is DORA. Here are a few influences from Dora..our beloved Dora:
    • Eden says “princessa” instead of “princess.”
    • Eden is now fond of unicorns (unicornios) and dragons.
    • Eden says hola rather than hello…and says “de nada” when someone says thanks.
    • There is a Don Quixote episode, which Eden pronounces “Don Key Don Key…or donkey donkey.”
  • has started using REAL cups at the table. She’s also started playing with the contents of said cups rather than drinking the contents. Baby steps.
  • got a tea set…and the girl hosted her first Daddy/Daughter tea party. Darling was invited.
  • commented on Darling’s first few solo steps, “She’s doing her walking.”
  • pretends to talk on the phone. Conversation overheard recently, “Hey, Bear. I miss you Teddy Bear.”
  • commented on Bailey’s very loud snoring, “Bailey’s snoring like you, Mama.” Hmph.
  • is often saying that something is “so cute” or “so sweet.”

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