In Gratitude

Even as Chuck stopped breathing, he led me into a deeper, sweeter, bigger life. Not too shabby.

And from the outside looking in, my life today looks simple and sweet. I’m a homemaker with a growing family…two kids and counting. But scratch the surface, and there is a world of wonder beneath…a world in which the preciousness of life was delivered by a loving God who made sure that its full worth could be redeemed and treasured.

I often wonder, why me? Why such care? I did not earn it. I do not deserve it. And perhaps that is what makes God’s provision so unbearably sweet. God gave me comfort, peace, and security…but only as Chuck died. He gave me a greater capacity for joy…but only as I embraced my pain…my grief…my loss. He gave me children…but only as I rejoiced at my infertility upon realizing the devotion I could give my dying husband. He gave me Phil…but only as I delighted in the ability to give time to young families in the way only singleness allows.

And so today I celebrate Chuck…I celebrate his life…I celebrate our life…I celebrate life.



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