Adventures in Potty Training – Day 1

Today was the day! I have been dreading/fearing/anxiously awaiting this day since Eden was tiny. How in the world does one go about potty training? Can I actually do this? And the answer is…I think so. The jury is still out. At the end of day one, this is the count: potty 8, floor/couch 6.

Now, prior to today, I figured this would be ridiculously hard. Have you seen all of the products out on the market for potty training? All the books? The DVD’s? The stickers and charts and targets to put in the potty??? Holy cow.

Having read a bazillion ways to potty train, I decided to go with the version that best fit us…our pace…our style…our family. We are going diaperless. Eden drinks lots and lots of liquids. She sits on the potty every 30 minutes. When she goes in the potty, she gets either an M&M or a jelly bean. When she does not go in the potty, no biggie. We clean it up. Voila la. No bells. No whistles. Just good ol’ sugar…and lots of patience.

Here are the lesson learned from day 1:

  1. Sit on the potty every 20 minutes. We had several accidents 20-ish minutes in.
  2. Do not allow my princess to sit on the cloth couch…both cushions paid the price.
  3. Turning on the sink encourages Eden to go (but makes it hard to hear if she is peeing).
  4. Books. Lots and lots of books. Sometimes it takes a while.

Ready for day 2. Hoping the monotony does not drive me mad. (Every 20 minutes??? Oi.)


2 thoughts on “Adventures in Potty Training – Day 1

  1. It’s amazing how different each child is. Those first few days of going without a diaper, Kate would hold it for two (or more) hours and did not want to sit on the potty. Once she figured out the “feeling,” she’s been dry ever since!

  2. I found that being naked (or mostly so) for a few days helped my kiddos go potty without the frustration of clothes to pull on and off. I also learned that sugar can be a bladder stimulant, and switched to stickers and goldfish crackers…..

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