Adventures in Potty Training – Day 2

Okay! I see a light at the end of the tunnel. I picked up a few tricks from feedback from yesterday…so thank you!

Today started out with timing and sending Eden to the potty…only to be met by no results…once we sat for 45 minutes! So, for my own sanity, I stopped timing her. I couldn’t handle it! We told her to listen to her body…and she did. Smartie girl. There was one accident outside…a poopy. But, with 3 dogs, I’m used to picking up poopy in the backyard. No biggie.

Funniest moment…we were outside playing, and had been for a while. I reminded her to listen to her body by asking, “What is your body telling you?” She immediately replied, “My body is telling me, ‘Let’s go watch Diego!'”

Lessons learned:

  1. Eden calls pee-pee “tinkle.” Funny. I’ve never called it that. I think it’s because we listen for her to go…and it makes a tinkling sound.
  2. I like the freedom of letting her be in charge of her body. Whew. We are both much happier letting her take the reins. I’m so proud that she has caught on so easily and well.
  3. Wearing Darling helps with her issues with me focusing so much attention on Eden. Yesterday, Darling was…displeased. She cried and cried and cried for attention. Today I strapped her to my back…we were all MUCH happier.
  4. This is not so scary as I had anticipated.
  5. Input from those who have gone before is invaluable. Thanks again!



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