Darling — Eleven Months

I look forward to the day when I can post photos of our big girl. It seems she is changing looks…from baby-baby to toddler. Her little (BIG) personality comes out a bit more each day. She is happy, fun, giggly, determined, bold, daring, and quick (of mind and body).

At eleven months, Darling:

  • is full-on walking. We stopped counting at 49 steps…she walks. She tries to run.
  • is such a happy, giggly girl. I think I say this each month…it’s just that each month, she seems happier and gigglier…never met such a joyful girl.
  • discovered mist (spray bottle). Yep, she giggled. Eden claimed, “It tickles her.”
  • grew her 6th tooth!
  • eats pretty much any and all table food.
  • LOVES blueberries.
  • can move a spoon from baby food jar to mouth.
  • said her first word! It was “uh-oh,” which is a clear indication that we are, indeed, in trouble.
  • adores music. She dances AND sings. She has a sleepy time song she “sings” to soothe herself.
  • falls into an utterly peaceful state upon hearing Ray Charles. She will stop mid-scream and chill. Powerful medicine. This is precious to us, as her grandfather told us, at the last court hearing, that he played Ray Charles for her each night and that she loved it. She left her bio family at 2 months and has been with us nine…yet her heart remember Ray Charles. Amazing and sweet.
  • tries to feed us…and the dogs.
  • does morning yoga at the breakfast table. Foot in hand and stretch and stretch and stretch.
  • can drink from a regular cup.
  • can FINALLY hold her own bottle. Too bad we get rid of it in a mere month.
  • has graduated to size 3 diapers…which means she has finally hit 16 pounds. Seems we were size 2 for a long, long time.
  • has moved out of the baby room at church. How is this even possible? Toddler? Really??? Just to make sure, I did a quick check: sleeps through the night, check; holds own bottle with no need for burping, check; WALKS, check…holy cow, she’s a toddler.
  • got to spend the morning with my dear, dear Wanda (of needy widow fame = precious, precious to my heart).
  • attended the Spearman Class of 1989 Reunion…25 years. Whew. She was taken with Tony Pacheco…he has a way with the ladies.
  • is very mommy-clingy…unless you are Tony Pacheco…then she’ll happily go to you.
  • spent time with Mimi and Gramps Picciuti…I have an adorable photo of Gramps and Darling…to be shared at a later date…we pray. She had a delightful time playing, snuggling,
  • was described by a friend who had never seen her as a cupie doll. Yep. I think she nailed it.

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