Adventures in Potty Training – Day 3 (Abort, abort, abort!)

Well, we wrapped up the day…at 11:00 a.m. in diapers…Mom, Darling, Eden all in tears…leaving the zoo early with our tails between our legs…with FOUR sets of WET training pants…a mere hour and a half.

So, I was going stir crazy and got a bit cocky. A trip to the zoo sounded like a great trial run. We had two good day. How hard could it be? I’d pack extra clothes and extra training pants…and off we’d go!

Talk about a trial run. The breaking point was when we were on the floor of the potty. Eden had already soiled three sets of training pants (in the hour that we’d been there). Darling was crying and clambering to get into my arms, pulling my hair to get a foothold as I was trying to get the poopy off of Eden, me, the floor, the wall, and Darling…who kept trying to touch it. Eden was wailing. Darling was wailing. I was near tears. AND it turns out, Eden does not mind being wet…like soaking wet. Nope. Not an issue with her.

Sigh. I did not pack a diaper…cause I was planning on SUCCESS. So, dirty and wet, we took the walk of shame to the car to our BLESSED diapers…which we wore the rest of the day. Mama needed to catch her breath.

Lessons learned:

  1. Stay home til we get it.
  2. Poopy in training pants is MUCH messier than poopy in a diaper.
  3. Wear Darling…wear Darling. Didn’t I discover this lesson yesterday? Hmmm. Some of us are slow learners. Wear Darling.
  4. Take the lessons…deep breath…try again tomorrow.



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