Adventures in Potty Training – Day 4

Eden’s a champ. She jumped right back in and did fantastic. Only 3 accidents the entire day. My heart just swells. She doesn’t even know we had an off day. I love this kid!

Thank you so much for the tips and encouragement. I picked up several ideas.

So, we set the timer and check in with her body. “Does your body tell you to tinkle?” or “What is your body saying?” Twice, she spontaneously said, “I have to go tinkle.”

She has yet to poopy in the potty. Hmmm.

We have an outing today. Will wear pull-ups and use a waterproof pad for the car seat. Here’s to success!

Lessons Learned:

  1. Wearing Darling makes this whole thing much easier. Strap that baby to my back and we’re all happy. Bonus, I’m getting pretty good at getting her on my back. (I tend to wear my babies in front cause my arms are so inflexible. Anyhoo, if I’m gonna wear her, back-wearing is a necessity for potty training…you know, the poo and all.)
  2. Playing outside gives Eden the opportunity to poop outside. Today we will play inside until she has pooped.
  3. Staying home works best for me. (Grrrrr.)
  4. Tips from those who have gone before are INVALUABLE.
  5. I can do this. I can potty train a human. (Sigh of relief.)

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