Adventures in Potty Training – Day 5

Great day! We are still having accidents here and there, but hitting the potty more than the floor. Eden is living naked…which is utterly adorable. The main hang up is poopy…she has yet to poopy in the potty. BUT, tomorrow Daddy will be home, and he can do wonders with his girls.

We have a few outings Saturday and Sunday, so not sure how that will effect potty training. Always an adventure! Again, Phil will be with us, so no worries. Right??

Oh, and Friday we met Eden’s Kids’ Day Out Teachers. When I told them we had started potty training, they said they will try to do what we are doing with Eden. Hmmmm. I neglected to tell them that I am letting her run around in the nude. Eh, we’ll just show up sans clothes…right? Perhaps not.

Tip requests:

  1. Eventually, Eden will transition to wearing clothes. Any suggestions for transitioning?
  2. Ideas for encouraging her to poop in the potty? She’s pretty regular, so I know about when she likes to go. Tomorrow will try Heather Picciuti’s tip…potty in front of the TV. Any other tips?

Lessons Learned:

  1. Pooping in the potty is intimidating…apparently.
  2. Gentle, patient perseverance pays off!
  3. Potty training is exhausting. TWICE this week, the girls and I have crashed for a three-hour nap. Both times I was “just going to rest for a sec.” Ha.
  4. So happy to have Phil for the tough stuff!

One thought on “Adventures in Potty Training – Day 5

  1. Yea for naked cherubs! We also did potty in front of the tv. Another thing I remember doing is a stack of books by the potty. There is just something about reading on the pot… I also never did pull ups. Too much like a diaper and not enough incentive to stay dry. Has Eden gone to the store to pick out “pretty” panties? As for poop in the potty… I found that often came weeks into successful tinkles. Sometimes having a peer provide an example (gross, I know) helps cement the idea that poop in the potty is easy and to be celebrated. She may get this peer experience at Kids day out. My pediatrician suggested limiting between meal hydration until bladder control was more predictable. So, we instituted a rule that still exists today (my kids are all teen/preteens) that cups stay in the kitchen/dining area. No carrying cups around. No cups in the car except on long trips. (The car thing was the hardest.)

    You are doing a great job! So fun to have a peek inside the lives of toddlers! I envy you!

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