Eden — Two and Nine

Eden is a girl…not a baby…not a toddler…she’s a girl…a big girl. Not sure why this makes me sad. The older she gets, the more fun she is. Oh to embrace and let go…I guess that’s the way of parenthood. Yes?

We had a VERY eventful month: potty training, first ER trip, camping. Whew. Fun times.

Okay, so the fun thing right now is just waiting to hear what she’ll say next. I could listen to her talk all day. Sigh. She is repeating me a lot…and that can be a precarious venture…but so far, nothing convicting. Whew. That’s likely because I give myself time outs when I note I’m about to unleash my tongue. The last time I told her that “Mommy is making bad choices and needs a time out,” she asked, “May I spank you?” Ha. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Um, no.

Kicking back in Phil's makeshift swing.
Kicking back in Phil’s makeshift swing.


Sigh. My heart is soooo happy to be camping AND reading books with my girl.
Sigh. My heart is soooo happy to be camping AND reading books with my girl.


Smartie girl wearing Mom's spectacles.
Smartie girl wearing Mom’s spectacles.
Big girl with china...a first.
Big girl eating on our china. A first!


Ahhh, the foot bath. We tried to make this a fun time!
Ahhh, the foot bath. We tried to make this a fun time!

At two years and nine months, Eden:

  • is a fan of Tangled, Dora the Explorer, and Diego. Her Spanglish is improving dramatically.
  • had her first ER visit. She was very brave:
    • she had in infection in her toe…it was encased in a blister…the size of her head…before I noticed it. Ooops. (No idea what caused it. Wondering how long it had been swollen the size of a house before I noticed.)
    • she was sedated to help with the procedure of “peeling her toe like a banana.” She has no recollection, but we do. She was awesomely brave and preciously sweet. Yep, won the hearts of all who worked with her. That’s our girl.
    • funny things she did under sedation = spoke Spanish; called Phil and I by our names = “I love you, Jan. I love you, Phil.”
    • was prescribed a toe bath regimen. We tried to make it fun. I sometimes did one too…in solidarity. Just warm soapy water to make sure her toe was clean…followed by Neosporin and a bandage. (We used clean white socks…washed in bleach…and taped at the ankle…a little tip from the pediatric nurse.)
    • Methodist Children’s ER nurses and doc are amazing. That is all. A. Mazing.
  • had her first major act of rebellion…coded nonetheless. I believe what she pulled is called transference. It went something like this.Toe bath was done. Time for medicine and bandage…not a willing participant. So I wrestled her down a bit…to which she started screaming about her hair. “I will never let you use my hair again. I will never let you use my hair again! I WILL NEVER LET YOU USE MY HAIR AGAIN!” Code = she is Rapunzel. I am the WICKED witch. I am the WICKED witch. Me. And she is taking a stand against the WICKED witch (which I am.) Nice.
  • MUST have her cup washed if Darling’s lips have touched it.
  • calls deodorant woohoo – that’s the sound Phil makes when he applies it. So Eden pretend to put on “woohoo.”
  • loves to help me with Darling (sometimes). When Darling cries, Eden will tell me, “Don’t worry. I got it.” Then she goes to calm her sister.
  • is hot or cold when it comes to Darling. She is either hugging and kissing on her, wanting to hold her hand OR trying to run her over with a bike..or a scooter…or any form of heavy machinery available. Eh.
  • got her own cup and filled it with water from the frig…a first!
  • is well on her way to using the potty. We have spent several weeks working on it, We encourage her to “listen to her body,” but often her body tells her “Let’s go watch Diego.” Hmph.
  • is a keen observer of her parents. Based on an article I read recently, Phil and I have implemented the 15-second kiss before he leaves for work. (Trust me, it’s good stuff.) Anyhoo, Eden watches these long smooches (sweet kisses…but 15-seconds), and she occasionally will give a looooong kiss…to me… to Phil…to friends. Cute stuff. (I am QUICK to explain to startled moms why my daughter is locking lips with their angels. It’s love stuff.)
  • utilizes her natural leadership tendencies to help train Clancy. She will tell Clancy, in her most authoritative voice, “Leave it,” or “Drop it!”
  • repeats many of my phrases. It is soooo cute to hear my words come out of her mouth! Most common phrases heard:
    • I’m so sorry.
    • I love you so.
    • Sure you can.
    • Sure I will.
    • Of course you can.
    • Dig in (after prayer = Amen. Dig in.)
  • shares a private language with me…no words…just lots of squeals and sighs and giggles and nuzzles. She, too, will be blessed with the inability to keep her delight and/or despair to herself…it will leak out in little utterances that she does not even realize she makes.
  • is an encourager! Recently cheered on Phil as he was piecing together our puzzle mat, “That’s exactly the idea, Daddy.” Sigh. Could you just die?
  • enjoyed a very fun, very successful camping trip. Seems we are all getting the hang of this camping thing. We visited Blanco State Park. Highlights:
    • watching Eden’s friendliness emerge. She loves visiting neighbors…probably due to the fact that EVERYONE at Blanco State Park brought at least one dog.
    • met a baby skunk…sooo amazing to see and observe from a “safe” distance.
    • enjoyed the Blanco River. We were in the water more than we were out of it.
    • met the state park’s llama. Fun times.
    • was a mattress hog. She slept head by me, feet in Phil’s face…taking the full length (side-to-side) of the mattress.
    • made a couple of friends…the first day she played with a little girl. The second and third day, she met Santino…perfect playmate. He was four and LOVED to wrestle, run, giggle, tickle, and tackle as much as Eden. Match made in heaven.
    • learned to play hide-and-seek…and life will never be the same.
  • makes us so proud.

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