Oh My Darlin’

Since Eden started Kids Day Out a few weeks ago, I have been sharing more one-on-one time with my darling Darling. Oh my heart.

People say you love each child differently, and that is no exception in our household. Our girls are day and night. They give and receive love in their own unique ways.  Eden loves to sit and snuggle…a death sentence for Darling. Darling wants to run and hug and run and dance and run and giggle and run and tickle and run. Yep, they are both very physical in their affections…but on totally different scales!.

Anyhoo, the thing is, having more time with Darling…to see her…makes my heart ache with such gratitude and wonder. I don’t know why I feel I earned Eden. Perhaps because I grew her in my belly? Not sure. But the gift of Eden does not strike me with the same force. I was pretty involved in the forming of that girl and she smacks of Crawford and Tessier genes.

But loving Darling..holding her…feeding her…comforting her is such an unmerited gift…one I do not take for granted. It’s as if someone knocked on my door and handed her to me…

Surprise! It’s a bundle of high-energy sugar. Her name is Darling. She is precious and perfect and we’ve selected YOU to enjoy her. Have a great day!

I cannot take credit for any of the wonders in her makeup. None of me is in her…and yet I am the one who kisses her boo-boos and knows just how to soothe her. All of Darling is a gift to me. All of her. She takes my breath away. Every day she is with us. Every moment. Every…everything.



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