Darling — Twelve Months

Our baby girl is twelve months old! Though she is petite in stature, she is NOT a baby…full-blown toddler, this one. It is fun to watch people react to her toddler-ness, as they assume she is much younger…not yet able to walk, run, and climb.

At twelve months, Darling:

  • loves to eat green beans and cauliflower. She does not go for cupcakes…not even birthday cupcakes!
  • expresses her emotions very physically. She flaps her arms when she is upset. She hugs really tightly…trying to become one with the hug-ee.
  • has the BEST giggle. The girl loves to laugh.
  • rides in the wagon like a big kid! She and Eden enjoy going for a walk/ride.
  • signs “finished” and “more.” We’ve returned to a daily viewing of Signing Time. (Haven’t done that in about a year!)
  • says “mama” and means it! She also says “dada” and means it. Her vocab now includes four words: mama, dada, uh-oh, and bye.
  • has discovered spinning. She loves to make herself dizzy.
  • received the “best camper” award on our last camping trip (to Blanco State Park). She has the hang of it! She eats, sleeps, plays, even naps with no issues. Awwww
  • barks with Two-Two.
  • mimics just about any sound that catches her ear. Her favorite sounds to make = a kissy sound and coughing.
  • is soaking up one-on-one time with me on Tuesdays and Thursday. Eden has Kids Day Out from 9-2. Darling loooooves the individualized attention. She is much more herself…if that makes sense. Perhaps it is because she does not have to worry about her safety with Eden gone?
  • really enjoys books.
  • loves to dance.
  • loves to sing.

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