Eden — Two and Ten

Eden is so much fun. I could listen to her talk all day long…and I do…all. day. long. Girl can talk, when she’s in the mood.

She is becoming more and more herself, if you know what I mean. She’s serious and sweet, smart and day-dreamy, physical and rough, yet very tender-hearted. She’s intuitive…girl zones in on even the slightest of mood changes. Girl is deep.

2014-10-04 14.07.00
Monkey girl – sans shoes – as is appropriate for a monkey girl.
2014-09-24 06.55.12
This is Eden’s beloved “Ice Dress” = her blankie. Too bad it is a full-size blanket. Perhaps we should home school??
Either she's about to punch me, or she's signing "outside." Could be either.
Either she’s about to punch me, or she’s signing “outside.” Could be either.

At two years and ten months, Eden:

  • says the cutest things. Sometimes I can peg from whence her comments come, other times, I’m baffled. My favorite = “Hey! I’ve got an idea.”
  • has shoved me away with a “Leave me alone.” Ouch. (She got this from The Sword and the Stone. Thanks, Disney. We’ve had a talk or two or ten about politely asking for space.)
  • won my heart by introducing me as her friend. We were at Chik fil a, and this is how it went down. Two girls entered the play area. Eden says, “Hi, I’m Eden. What’s your name?” She gets the names, then pull out, “This is my friend, Mama,” gesturing to me.
  • is testing the waters. She told Phil – “Daddy, you listen to me. I said ‘no!'”
  • often makes tons of comments while I’m driving. She knows when I’m distracted, giving her “uh-huhs,” and will say, “Mom! Talk to me!”
  • has been learning all my childhood “Joy Bus” songs. She loves the song about the foolish man and the wise man, the gospel chariot, this little light of mine, Noah building the arky arky, I’ve got the joy, joy, joy, joy. I’ve also started singing hymns to her as we snuggle at nap time and bed time. She asks for a couple of stories, then she says, “Tell me a song, Mama.” Love this sweet time with her, sharing songs from my childhood.
  • loves Diego. She continually asks for Eden and Diego stories…in which they rescue animals.
  • knows ALL of the rain forest animals featured on Diego. Recently, Phil commented, “Eden, you’re a good climber.” She responded with “I’m a three-toed sloth.”
  • makes Diego references all. the. time:
    • Phil: “Eden, you and your sister are good at car rides.”
    • Eden: “Yes, we have to be happy we’re scientists.”
  • keeps her daddy in line:
    • Phil: “Eden, may I eat your leg?”
    • Eden: “No, it’s not a snack. Sorry.”
  • has started chewing her hair.
  • loves to swing. She’s a bit of an adrenaline junkie – she’s still in a “baby swing,” but she wants to go as high as I can possibly push her. She throws out her arms and leans her head back.
  • calls the pumpkin patch “the pumpkin pouch.”
  • notices any change in my mood with a, “What’s wrong, Mommy.” Phil tells me that I have a million different sighs…and I rarely, if ever, notice them. Well, Eden is noticing them!
  • is starting to love books. Yea! She will sit in my lap for an hour…story after story. I could read to her all day. So happy she enjoys books! (I was a tiny bit worried at her lack of interest in books.)
  • is NOT potty trained, but she is potty aware. She tinkles on the potty some. No poopies. We’re just kinda doing whatever…not diapers at home, pull-ups for outings, diapers at night. You know, covering all our bases and keeping mama sane.
  • wants to be an animal rescuer, just like Diego.

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