Darling — Thirteen Months

Darling has basically sprouted wings this past month. Every time I turn my back, she has “flown” to the top of something, usually our slide, OR she is headed straight for the street. Talk about fast. Seriously, I have no idea how she moves so quickly. Must. Keep. Eyes. Peeled.

Her personality emerges more with each day. She is our comedian – loves to laugh and to make people laugh. Anyone who watches her for us, be it a sitter or the church nursery, comments on how funny she is.

She keeps us on our toes…and laughing.

At thirteen months, Darling:

  • climbs into the black chair that sits near the couch, then jumps to the couch. We have moved the black chair right beside the couch…to minimize any crazy stunts.
  • follows simple verbal instructions: stop, go, bring me the ___, clap. Good thing she follows “stop” with her penchant for running toward the street!
  • is just funny. She just is. Can’t wait til she speaks!
  • can sign and say “doggie” and “ball.”
  • loves Baby Signing Time. One morning she was grouchy/weepy. I started singing the theme song and she perked right up. Couldn’t leave her hanging – so we sat down and watch some Signing Time.
  • loves running toward the street. Have I mentioned that yet? And the climbing? Oi vey.
  • says “no, no.” Hmmm, guess she is hearing that quite a bit these days…with the climbing and running and all.
  • loves to run back and forth across the couch. I put my leg up to block a fall, and she flings her self across the arms of the couch…back and forth…gleeful giggles.
  • loves to play chase…likes to be “it” and likes to be chased.
  • would be in the Dauntless faction…definitely Dauntless.
  • gets very jealous when I hold other babies.
  • in very interested in baby dolls…and specifically the eyes of baby dolls…well, and the eyes of real babies. Really wants to poke babies in the eye!
  • loves the slide at the playground.
  • asks to go in the swing several times a day. She goes into the backyard and points to it.
  • is a daddy’s girl. When we go out for a date, Darling will push past me to get to Phil. Hmph. (Okay, it really is precious how much she adores Phil.)
  • delights us every day!

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