Darling — Fourteen Months

Darling’s language is starting to take off. She mimics really well. (I do not remember Eden mimicking much at all.) However, she is not signing much, which leads to frustration. Poor girl. If only I understood “uh, uh, uh” better. She points and runs to what she wants and “uh, uh, uh’s.”  She has several words under her belt and definitely understands what we are saying.

At fourteen months, Darling:

  • is feisty. I may have mentioned this before, but it bears repeating. Girl is feisty.
  • loves to run and chase and tickle and fall and giggle and jump and climb and play…but no snuggling (Sniff, sniff.)
  • still gets a morning bottle for the above reason (it is the ONLY time I can get her to snuggle.) I’m sure those of you who breast feed understand…even with bottle feeding, it is hard to let this precious connection time go. Sigh.
  • enjoys playing with books. She carries them around and turns the pages.
  • has figured out how to get down from the couch, the lounge chair, and our bed. This makes life so much easier.
  • dressed as a love bug for Halloween (ladybug, but with hearts instead of dots).
  • received her first Time Out. She ran into the street.
  • gave her lovie to a friend in the nursery. The friend was crying and Darling wanted to help. She also shared her cracker with the crying friend. Sweet girl!
  • puts “ah” at the end of words. (Kyser used to do this = “mine-ah,” “aunt Jan-ah”.) So she says “doll-ah” and “ball-ah.”
  • know the actions to “If You’re Happy and You Know It.”
  • crawled under her crib to pick up her pacifier. After she took a few sucks, she put it in her crib for the next sleep time.
  • loves to play with corn meal. I pour it out on her tray and she plays and plays and plays…and giggles.
  • spoke her first sentence. Phil was taking Clancy outside and Darling shouted, “Bye bye doggie.”
  • likes her hands to be clean. Too bad – she’s my kid…so we’ll just do the best we can.
  • has her first chore! She is in charge of feeding Two-Two. (She always saves a piece for herself. Just one piece. Phil and I both “look the other way” on this one. It’s good protein.)
  • puts away tupperware and pans. She takes them out of the dishwasher and takes them to the correct place. She’s a smartie.
  • puts lids on the tupperware (of course, she takes ALL of the tupperware out first.)
  • is incredibly vocal. She’s continually chirping. Soo cute. Plus, she has more words this month!: “nana” for banana, ball, doll, and bag. She can repeat almost anything…but does not hang onto the mimic’d words.
  • has started throwing a tantrum or two. She lays on her tummy and slaps the floor. Yep, it’s as adorable as it sounds.
  • watches everything Eden does and wants to do it too. I gave Eden a high five and Darling ran across the room with her hand in the air because she wanted one too.
  • signs “water” and says “whar.”

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