Eden — Three Point OH!

Three! Our girl is three. And while I understand that she is no longer a baby or even a toddler, it seems impossible that she is THREE. Yep, this is gonna fly.

So, our girl is growing in sweetness, mercy, hospitality, and spunk. She loves to squeal, run, play hide-and-seek, read books, snuggle, and tell stories. And though I know I’ve mentioned it before, I could listen to her talk all day long…and I often do…all. day. long. But her voice is so precious and she really means whatever it is she is saying…so sincere…so serious…so delicious!

A new tradition = Starbucks hot chocolate on the FIRST cold day of the year.
A new tradition = Starbucks hot chocolate on the FIRST cold day of the year.

2014-11-11 15.05.14

Dress up fun!
Dress up fun!
Trying out my lip gloss...on her cheeks.
Trying out my lip gloss…on her cheeks.
Play with makeup. Purdy girl.
Play with makeup. Purdy girl.
Climbing a tree!
Climbing a tree!

2014-11-27 12.35.18

Eden petting Hollywood.
Eden petting Hollywood.
  • climbed her first tree. Now she is continually on the lookout for a suitable climbing trees.
  • has a thing with cars. We frequently have visitors, and we go through the same routine at our guests’ departures. Eden asks, “Can I see your car? What color is your car?” Then we go outside to inspect the vehicle.
  • tried to name the odd animal in a Sandra Boynton book. It was a warthog, but Eden came up with a pig-walrus-horse. Close!
  • has a code for “I hit Darling” or “I did it. I hurt Darling.” It goes like this: Darling will cry and Eden runs to me to tell me, “She’s okay,” OR “It’s okay, Mom.” Hmmmm.
  • was sitting on my lap one morning after breakfast. I was talking to Phil. Eden sweetly pulled my head down to her mouth and whispered in my ear, “Shhhh. Don’t talk.”
  • says “Catch it to me!” for throw it to me.
  • told me “That’s my girl,” when I pulled her to me for a belly kiss.
  • has outgrown the baby swings…or at least the one at Landa Library. We had a bit of an ordeal. Eden remained mostly calm, crying, “I want my daddy!” only a few times as I tried to dislodge those delicious thighs from the baby swing. Girl was STUCK. It took me and an engineer/daddy about two minutes to get her out. Longest two minutes of my life. Lesson learned.
  • pours her own milk into her cereal.
  • makes up names with few or no vowels. Some classics are Blnka and Rnta. Most of her names have an N in the middle and an A at the end. Go figure.
  • is starting to put “ed” on past tense words…some examples = “see-d,” hit-ed,” and “sit-ed.” Cute!
  • says “I wuv you” for “I love you.” Dreamy, dreamy sigh.
  • says things in a sing-songy way…which is ADORABLE. I thought, “What a cute, clever girl. No one I know speaks like that. It’s so precious!!!! Why does she do that?” Then I noticed it in my voice one day. I. Sing. Most. Everything. I. Say. And I had no idea. None.
  • licks the people and things she likes. Licks them. As in licked the pole on the carousel horse. Glad she has a strong immune system.
  • continually asks about each item of food on her plate. “Does this have wheat, Mommy?” If it does not, she offers me a taste. She is too sweet and precious for words.
  • likes to test my blood sugar with me. She “pulls the trigger” on the finger-pricker.
  • wants to help each time I change my pump site.
  • got to spend some time with Uncle Greg. She thinks he’s silly.
  • went downtown to do Christmas right! We ate at Casa Rio (classic), viewed the lights along the River Walk, and went for a horse-drawn carriage ride. Oh, and the carriage was Cinderella’s…and it was covered in lights…and, well, was pulled by a HORSE! Girl loves her horses. I do believe we have a new family tradition.
  • is not a fan of driving to see Christmas lights. She likes to walk through our neighborhood to look at lights…and to hug and kiss Mary, Joseph, and Jesus in the nativity scenes…but no car rides. We’ve tried a few times, and we get, “Can we go home now?” OR “When are we going home?” Sigh.
  • enjoyed a special treat on the first cold day of the year. (Cold in San Antonio means 60.) I picked her up from school and we went to get some hot chocolate. Then we bundled up and went to the park to drink it. By the end, Eden was shoe-less. Still bundled, but shoe-less. That’s how she rolls.

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