Darling — Fifteen Months

This girl! It could just be me, that I’m losing track of…well…everything, but it seems Darling is developing by leaps and bounds. Of course, if I were to look back at previous posts, I’ll just bet I say that every month. It’s just that it seems like she is practically…a…big girl. Sniff, sniff.

At fifteen months, Darling:

  • is practically grown. The end. Okay, okay….
  • spent her first Thanksgiving with us. Sigh. We are so grateful for this precious child. She likes turkey!
  • rode on the carousel by herself. She was all grins, squeals, and giggles.
  • signs “please” regularly now.
  • saw me first thing one morning and squealed “Mama!” with her arms out. I could die.
  • ditched the pacifier (for a couple of weeks, at least). Clancy ate her last one, and we decided to not replace it. It only took a couple of days for her to adjust. Big girl! But then we planned a five-hour plane trip to CA with me as the solo parent…I packed a pacifier and it was a big hit. (Today it is January 2; we are still in California; and Darling still has a pacifier.)
  • took her first plane ride. We had a five-hour trip. The first leg was three hours…Darling screamed for two of them…seriously…I was that woman with that child. Blessedly, we were surrounded by good-natured folks who were gracious and encouraging. Whew! Darling was a champ for the second leg of the trip.
  • likes to tease Phil. She offers him some of her food…when he goes for it, she pulls it away from him…and giggles like mad.
  • commemorated her one-year anniversary with us…such a glorious mix of grief and joy. Darling lost the only home she had known and her mom lost her only child…yet beauty and love have grown and intermingled with that grief. Darling AND her bio mom bring such joy and delight and richness to our lives. And so, we celebrate even as we mourn.
  • adores baby dolls. She hugs them and gives them tender kisses.
  • LOVES bubbles…and shouts “bubbles” from the mountain tops each time she spies them.
  • plays in the toilet. Must. Keep. Lid. Down.
  • plays in the trash. Must. Keep. Lid. Down.
  • plays with the toilet paper. Must. Keep. Paper. Up.
  • pushes any and every button on any and every device. Must. Watch. Her. Constantly.
  • has one word for four-legged friends = doggie. So…lions, dogs, horses, cats, goats, sheep…all doggies.
  • dropped her morning nap. Previously, Darling slept 1.5 hours in the morn and 1.5 in the afternoon. When she dropped the morning nap, the afternoon napped stretched to 2.5-3 hours. Ahh, but then we came to California. Since she was waking up at 4:30 in the morning, we reinstated the morning nap. (We’re gonna have some readjustment to do once we get back to Texas!)
  • covers her ears for peek-a-boo…and her mouth…sometimes her cheeks…but never her eyes. Adorable.
  • pronounces “peek-a-boo” as “peek-a-bwee.”
  • giggles when she burps. Tee hee.
  • blows on her food all by herself. Sigh. Such a big girl!
  • has started doing chores with the rest o’ the fam. Her job is to put napkins in the trash after meals.
  • eats with a big girl spoon…and fork. Sniff, sniff.
  • has a killer stranger danger stare…brings folks to their knees.
  • has taken a shine to Uncle Jeff. Of course, she initiated the relationship with her stranger-danger stare. Uncle Jeff countered with a stare of his own accompanied by a little peek-a-boo. He has unarmed our girl with his charm…and has earned a new nickname, but I will spare him by keeping it in the family.
  • has a bazillion million teeth. Last month, she had the same four on top and two on bottom that she has had for months and months. Then BOOM, her mouth was filled. And she has discovered that a mouth-full-of-teeth get Eden’s attention better than verbal protests. Sigh. And so we have a biter…but she reserves her chomps for Eden alone. Blessedly, Eden is gracious…so not knock-down-drag-outs…yet.
  • holds Eden’s hand for prayer. Suh-weet.

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