A Messy, Glorious Business

With the Christmas season fresh on my mind, I am once again struck by the humility of God putting on flesh…and not just any flesh…the flesh of a baby. Whew. If it’s been a while for you, let me assure you, those newborns are help. less. But I digress. The thing is, God stepped into our mess, became a part of the mess, moved and breathed in the mess…and in the end, pulled us out of the mess.

And so it is in fostering. Such a beautiful expression of entering into a mess of a world…a world many of us have spent a lifetime avoiding…making good grades, joining service organizations that will look good on school applications, good colleges, good jobs, good neighborhoods. To leave the comfort of our safe lives to engage in a world of drugs, prostitution, violence, sexual abuse…to step into this world, to become a part of it, engage with the abusers and the abused, to pull out…prayerfully…an entire family…but if not, a single, precious life…and if not a single life…to have prayerfully altered the course of that life. It’s a messy, glorious business.



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