Eden – Three and One

Such a full, delightful month! We spent three weeks of the past month with family in California…and yet, it still was not enough time. We’ll take it and call it good. Such a blessing!

Eden is getting so big so fast! She delights and challenges me daily…mostly delights…even in the challenges. It is amazing to watch a little person become. She makes me so stinkin’ proud!

Future helmet. Girl loves unicorns…and such.


The girl loves her some Rudolph.
The girl loves her some Rudolph.
Our first banana slug!
Redwood Glen Future Camper!
A Phill-Tessier-must at Redwood Glen. Man is a ping-pong master.
Wearing fancy dress and Nana's fancy gloves.
Wearing fancy dress and Nana’s fancy gloves.
Christmas Eve service at First Baptist Church Vallejo
Christmas Eve service at First Baptist Church Vallejo
Mom, Dad, Eden, Pacific Ocean
Mom, Dad, Eden, Pacific Ocean
Silent Night
Silent Night

At three years and one month, Eden:

  •  is having difficulty knowing what she wants. (Join the club, sister!) It plays out like this – “I want to be alone in my room,” tearful demand. I leave her alone in her room. “Don’t leave me!” near panic cry. I come back. “Don’t come in!”she wails. It is about at this point that I realize the issue is not about being alone in her room or having me with her. (Men, take note. It starts early!) So I hug her, let her cry it out, then we go play. This scenario…whether with shoes, clothes, food, whatever…happens frequently these days. I fall for it every time…trying to please her and give her what she wants…before realizing that she just doesn’t know.  I so feel my daughter’s pain.
  • uses my words on me. If I get grump, she says, “Can you be happy?” If I am stressed, she says, “Okay, calm down a bit.”
  • had her first foray into ministry. She LOVED it.
  • has the Mary, Joseph, Jesus AND donkey gig down pat. She recognizes them in yards, and when on foot in the neighborhood, will visit the nativity for hugs and kisses. Sweet kid. One evening right before Christmas, she was rubbing her belly and said wistfully, “I wish I could have baby Jesus in my tummy.”
  • loves the movie The Nativity Story. She calls it “Mary”…not to be confused with “Something about Mary”…two different stories altogether.
  • took a five-hour-flight with me and Darling. This was NOT Eden’s first flight, but it is the first one she will remember. She loved looking out the window. Girl was a champ, even in the face of Darling screaming for two hours. Eden never lost her cool…until Darling bit her. Eden was holding Darling’s hand, trying to comfort her. Darling chomped HARD…and shocked us all. Eden started crying…which startled Darling…who stopped crying for the remainder of the flight. Hmph. Who knew? Had I known that was the trick, I would have had her bite Eden waaaay earlier!
  • pretends Santa rides a blue dinosaur…no sled for my girl! (Nana had several Santa toys and Eden had a blue dinosaur…voila, new mode of transportation for Santa.)
  • makes her toys talk. I love listening to the pretend conversations.
  • holds Darling’s hand for prayer.
  • is emphatic in her yes’s. She replies, “Yes, yes,” and yes, yes, I have noted that I say that frequently.
  • calls Phil by his name these days…sometimes Phil, sometimes Philip.
  • enjoys being with older kids…but also loves babies. Who am I kidding, Eden loves being with EVERYONE.
  • struggles with allergies. Her doc recommended some regular allergy meds for her. She calls allergies “ouchies”…adorable.
  • says, “Boom Yeah.” WHO TAUGHT HER THAT? Seriously, can you see Phil saying that? Nope. Me? Nope. We love it just the same.
  • enjoyed a three-day/two-night stay at Redwood Glen. AMAZING. That gets a post all its own.
  • is super duper friendly and makes herself completely at home wherever she may be. She really felt at home at Nana’s church = First Baptist Vallejo.
  • spent almost an entire month with Nana – post to follow!

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