Darling — Sixteen Months

Darling is a hoot. She loves to laugh…and she REALLY loves to make us laugh. Right now, she likes to fake us out…she’ll offer us a little something then pull it back when we go for it. Boy, are we in trouble…cause you know, I’m just about the most gullible person alive…I see years and years and years of fun ahead for Darling.

This may be the last update for our girl as “Darling.” Adoption is on the horizon…and we are beyond thrilled!

At sixteen months, Darling:

  • calls Phil “Mama,” which I think is HILARIOUS. Every time she calls out, “Mama,” I tell Phil, “She’s calling you.” And so it follows, that Phil’s go-to these days is, “My name is DADDY!”
  • enjoyed her first California Christmas…which will…eventually…get a post of its own.
  • experienced Redwood Glen…ahh…heaven on earth.
  • has a killer stranger-danger stare…also known as her “What you talkin’ bout Willis” stare.
  • visited the Pacific Ocean. I don’t think she was impressed.
  • loves dancing!
  • knows and full participates in actions to “If You’re Happy and You Know It,” AND “The Wheels on the Bus.”
  • loves her Magna Doodle. The girl loves to draw…anytime I have a pen or maker or crayon out, she MUST, MUST, MUST use it. Can’t wait to see if she is a writer or an artist. Hmmm. (Note, she also loves to eat crayons and chew the ends off of marker…thus, the Magna Doodle is our go-to writing tool!)
  • climbs into chairs at the dinner table…and occassionally climbs onto the table.
  • can sit in a big-girl chair at the dinner table. (She got the hang of this at Nana’s over Christmas.) However, since I still need her “contained” while working in the kitchen, we still use her high chair.
  • blows kisses to me. Be still my heart.
  • gives good night kisses and says “Nigh nigh.” Swoon.
  • loves taking baths…without Eden. For a while now, Darling has NOT enjoyed bath time. Pretty much, we would dip her in, scrub her as quickly as possible, and get her out. But then we discovered…the issue with baths was Eden…remove the Eden and baths are a dream for the little one. I’m so glad that Darling now enjoys playing and splashing in the tub.
  • has a new buddy. We’ve been babysitting another one-year old on a regular basis. Darling is so outgoing with her little buddy…so fun to watch.
  • can blow her nose. Big girl!
  • has mastered the slide! For months, she has been climbing to the top of the slide and yelling for help. No more of that silliness. Girl can do it all by herself. Sigh.
  • thought it was hilarious when Phil called Eden, “Monkey.”
  • understands soooo much. I can give her a BIG list of instructions and she follows each step perfectly. She’s a smartie!

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