How We Document the Lives of Our Kiddos

So, from Eden’s first month…to her thirty-seventh month…we have documented the lives of our children. It started as a little keepsake for Eden. I thought I would document her first twelve months and that would be that. But I could not stop! And now I’m so happy we have kept it going. Imagine how fun it will be when our kiddos hit eighteen, to hand over updates…from EVERY month…as a gift, “Here kiddo. This is your life as observed by your parents.”

And it has been so fun! And so natural. And so easy. If you are interested in how to do such, here’s our sophisticated system. We keep a sheet of paper on the refrigerator for each kid. Anytime anything remarkable happens, either Phil or I jot it down on the paper. Once a month, the list is taken down and combined into our monthly updates. Voila. Easy. Precious.

Happy documenting!


One thought on “How We Document the Lives of Our Kiddos

  1. I documented our two girls’ childhoods from age zero to five in their baby books. The books only went to one year, so in the back on the extra pages, I wrote letters to the girls, summarizing their accomplishments and sweetness for all time. I ran out of room at age five and then moved onto their School Days books, where I was able to write about each year of their schooling, their activities, their favorite sayings, things they did. They are both in possession of these books now and I miss seeing them and reading them. Ah, the days before computers, when thoughts were written by hand in books. Your sweet stories remind me of days past, when I was the Mom of young girls and how quickly that has gone by. Every age, every chapter, was a joy to behold!

    Enjoy these days.. they are fleeting!

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