Eden – Three and Two

This, to the best of my memory (ha!),has  been my favorite month of development. Eden says the funniest things! I spend all my time jotting down the crazy things that come out of her mouth. Oh! I love this girl.

At three years and two months, Eden:

  • is still in pull-ups. However, recently she has been requesting panties and using the potty. Yea! We probably need one more big push. (This means I have to be consistent…and stay home…oi!)
  • wears Dora pull-ups…and there are two varieties. The pair she loves and rejoices over are the pair with the “musicians” in the back. You know, the little snail, frog, and cricket that play the “dut, duh, duh, dut, duh, duuuuhhhh!” When she sees them on the back, she runs to show me and celebrate, all but screaming “Mujicians, mujicians.” (Yeah, she mispronounces it…which makes it even cuter! I hope and pray that losing her head over “mujicians” is just a passing thing and not a glimpse into the future!)
  • has been coming to our bed in the middle of the night. Depending on which side she comes to, she either gets a trip back to her bed OR she gets pulled into bed for snuggles. I’ll let the guilty remain anonymous.
  • asks, “Can you clean my eyes?” after a cry. Sweet thing. Eyes. Must. Be. Clean.
  • loves matching with her sister…and I have fed this fever. I’ve noted that it encourages hand-holding and giggling. Win/win.
  • insists on crossing her arms to pray. (We hold hands for prayer…so it is very Lions Camp!) Don’t know what possessed her…hopefully just the Holy Spirit.
  • adores vultures. Thanks Jungle Book. So now, we are continually on the lookout for road kill. Joy.
  • helps hold Darling’s hand. Darling stands in the middle…one hand for me and one for Eden…preciousness.
  • is CRAZY friendly, especially around dogs or babies. She walks right up to kids her age (strangers) as if they are best buddies. It’s so fun to watch.
  • invited a door-to-door salesman to stay for dinner. He accepted. Good times.
  • had her first bout of sickness this season. Yucky. Just a cold. Still, inside for four days. Ewwwwww.
  • had her first dental appointment…ever. Why yes, Darling has had three already…to Eden’s one. Hmph. Anyhoo, Eden was a trooper. She was nervous and needed some hand-holding. The staff was phenomenal and gentle…and Eden got to wear cool, pink sunglasses…so wins all the way around!
  • has saidsoooo many funny, clever things…here is the running list:
    • upon near sleep, she sat straight up in bed and said, “I need monkey pants.” Indeed.
    • musicians are “mujicians”.
    • “Holy  Cowboy.”
    • said to me: “Sing another song, Little Britches.”
    • “Look! It’s the big scooper,” upon seeing the Big Dipper in a book.
    • calls granola bars “vanilla bars.”
    • says “sweep” for sleep and “Dember” for her sister’s name.
    • concerning my black slip, “Mama is wearing a black slipper.”
    • said to me, “You are clever, Mama.”
    • again to me, “You amazing mama, you!”
    • concerning her sister and the little girl we babysit – she was trying to get by the girls and said, “Excuse me, sisters.”
    • said to me, “Snore quiet or you’ll wake the baby.”
    • “God has no body or shoes.” True dat.

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