Darling — Seventeen Months

Today, Darling is seventeen months. Tomorrow, we adopt her! Unbelievable.

At seventeen months, Darling:

  • has a favorite toy. We call it her vacuum. It is one of those old-school popcorn popper toys. The girl LOVES  that thing.
  • has turned into a grumpy gus. I attribute this to her frustration with communication. Poor thing.
  • has a fun game in which she points and grunts…and just before I get to the object of desire, she moves her pointer to something else. She’s a stinker…but a REALLY cute stinker. And she has a gullible mom who will play the game a few times before she catches on.
  • has graduated to size 4 diapers. Yippee!
  • has given up her pacifier…for good this time. Brave girl. It took a couple of days, but she’s a trooper.
  • has had a language explosion this month. She is signing more and more! It is so fun to watch.
  • can now say “down” as well as sign it.
  • can say the name of the little girl that we babysit. The girl’s name is Daveigh…but Darling calls her “Veigh.”
  • likes to give kisses. She leans forward and says, “Mmmm” for a kiss. I could die.
  • can count with Phil. He says “one, two” and Darling says “eee, or.” Smartie girl.
  • wants to swing all the time. All. The. Time.
  • gets a little jealous when we babysit Daveigh. The two of them play really well…with bouts of fighting in between.
  • loves library days. Darling and I do a library day with Eden on Monday. Thursday, the two of us do it alone. Darling sings and does the actions and giggles! She’s so cute.
  • loves to look at babies.
  • attended her first Daddy Daughter Dance.
  • has been known to snuggle a bit more than usual. Ahhhh.
  • attended the San Antonio Livestock Show and Rodeo…no rodeo for us. The highlight for her was the cheese slide at the dairy exhibit. We discovered that she does not care for cotton candy. Hmph.
  • likes toys on a string these days…anything she can pull behind her.
  • enjoys putting objects into containers…dumping them out…then putting them in again.
  • happily plays on her own…especially in the backyard.
  • loves to play with water. Can’t wait to get a little wading pool…any day now!
  • likes to test the water. Her main infraction involves pushing buttons on electronic devices. This is a no-no….and she knows it’s a no-no…so she’ll reach her hand toward the verboten device…slowly…watching for a reaction. So. Stinkin’. Cute.
  • is a frequent visitor to time out.
  • has the time-out-wrap-up down…when Phil goes to pick her up, she signs “sorry” and “finished.” Then she gives a kiss. Such a cutie/stinker.
  • wears a size 18 months right now,
  • wears matching clothes with Eden…at Eden’s insistence. Darling doesn’t mind a bit.




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