Variations on a Theme

Nerd alert! Nerd alert!

I love stories…words…the unfolding of thoughts…the sharing of the soul through the fluid pairing of word to idea…word to idea…word to idea. Ahhh.  And sometimes I forget that.. It’s easy enough to forget cause right now my life is filled with the joy and angst of raising littles…who are in perpetual motion…perpetual discovery…perpetual seeking and stretching and experimenting.

Oh, but this year something magical happened. Something that provided a portal from my heart to Eden’s.

Her preschool sent home a list…a list of themes that the class will be studying this year. BE. STILL. MY. HEART.

(Did I mention nerd alert???)

I love fleshing out a theme through literature…through various points of view…various genres…various degrees of complexity. And here in front of me…sent by caring teachers…a bridge…from my passion for literature to my daughter’s thirst for exploration.

And here has been the REALLY fun part of this year. Eden does not realize what I am doing…checking out tons of books on the same topic that her teachers cover (over a two-week period)…watching movies…taking field trips. So, it’s like magic! She goes to school and learns about farm animals…then BOOM…farm animal stories at home…then BOOM…a trip to Fiesta Farms. It is like the universe is speaking FARM ANIMALS to her. And I can see the connections. It is breath-taking.

But wait…after two weeks of this exquisite connection…stories to art to music to field trips to cooking…it happens AGAIN. BOOM. The universe speaks dinosaurs…then stars.

I am in heaven…and I’m bringing my girl along for the ride.



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