Eden — Three and Three

Daily. Eden is becoming…Eden. Girl is vivacious, curious, cuddly, and demanding. She loves people and is continually seeking interaction with others (which can exhaust this introverted mama!) I often worry that I give her too much of myself…that she needs to be more independent…and yet, there’s that promise to let her be who God made her to be. Hmmm. It’s the classic nature vs. nurture merry-go-round. Of course, there will come a time when she must learn…no person but Jesus can fill that emptiness…not even, GULP, Mama.

At three years and three months, Eden:

  • finds and points out the constellation Orion in the night sky. (I had to use an app to verify her pointing. She’s already way smarter than me!) This constellation seeking and finding can be attributed to the lovely and talented Fancy Nancy. (I need to write a post…an Ode to Fancy Nancy…so many things I love about those books!)
  • has discovered (with Phil) the movie UP…not something I would select for a young child…waaay too much sorrow and grief in my humble opinion. Yet, girl LOVES the movie…even that precious intro…and she gets some of it…she is, after all, a noticer. The first several times through the movie, she would ask me what was happening when “the music changes.” I would cry a bit each time I explained, “The doctor is telling them he is sorry. They cannot have babies…” and Eden would get quiet and sad. Then she would tell ME…with subsequent viewings, “The doctor is so sorry they cannot have babies,” and I’d mist up AGAIN. This girl. Anyhoo, she loves the REST of the movie too…the dogs, Mr. Frederickson, Russel, and of course, Ellie.
  • is often afraid of “the bad guy” in movies. This makes movie-watching a real challenge. I had to explain, “A good story needs a good, bad guy.” Hmmm.
  • has discovered her creative flair. This began with the viewing of Creative Galaxy. Gotta say, I am NOT a fan of crafts…but the show has inspired EVEN me. And thus, we have purchased little bits and pieces of flare to paste and glue and stick to paper or cardboard or what-have-you.
  • has bequeathed the name “sleeping bug” to the cockroach…this is likely because all of the cockroaches we see around our house are, um, “sleeping.”
  • adopted a baby sister. Not too shabby. We did our best to prep Eden for the event…clue her into what was happening…but to Eden, this is just what is…nothing special…it is just her experience in gaining a new sis. You know, babies come through the front door and we care for them…until we don’t…or we adopt. We pray we are not warping her too much!
  • has a fun vocabulary thanks to Fancy Nancy…she said that Denver looked “exquisite” on the day of adoption.
  • loves the following books this month: anything Fancy Nancy, anything Henry and Mudge, anything dinosaur. She impressed me, and the children’s librarian, the other day. We entered the library. I was a bit distracted with Denver, but Eden marched right over to the librarian (without me) and asked, “Can you show me where the Henry and Mudge books are?” The librarian and I were both delighted and a bit giddy over the whole ordeal.
  • enjoys talking to Robert on the toy phone. (Robert is a character from Fancy Nancy. Go figure.) She has LOOOONG conversations with him. Love it.
  • has inherited Papa’s penchant for nicknames. I am Ma. Makes me feel like Ma Ingalls…so I’m happy.  Phil is…Phil or Philip…nope, not Dad…so Phil, not so happy. Denver is Den or Den Den.
  • falls asleep so sweetly. (Yes, I stalk her and watch…be still my heart.) I don’t know how other kiddos do it, but this is how Eden does it. She does not close her eyes. Once she can be still, she stares off into space. Just stares…until her eyes droop…and blink…blink…bllliiiinnnnk…shut. Love watching this.
  • attended the San Antonio Live Stock Show with me, Phil, and Denver. Her favorite included cotton candy (a first…certainly not a last!) and the petting zoo. We went through the cattle barn, the sheep (and goat) barn, and the horse barn…not so much the pigs.
  • likes to do things without help…but when necessary, she’ll sweetly say, “I need a wittle help.”

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